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In college, with all the assignments and projects, there is no time for going back and forth on your notes. There is not enough time to constantly be switching tabs and flipping through your notes because you are busy with your assignments or have something to do. You need to find the perfect way to take notes that not only work for you, but will also save you time in the long run.

For a college student, it is very important to take good notes. You don’t want to fall behind on your class assignments and miss out on important information, especially because you are paying for that class with your time and tuition. Of course, there are different ways to take notes, but nothing beats paper and pen. However, there is a downside to traditional methods of taking notes; you will need a lot more than just a pen and paper. You will need a laptop, a desktop, and a digital tablet.

Whether you’re in middle school or college, taking notes during lectures is a time-consuming task. So why not get a little help? Here are the top note-taking apps for you to consider using in college.

Staying organized with other tasks in school can be challenging. As a student, you have several classes, assignments, exams, take notes, and other activities. This means that you must schedule your time appropriately to meet all these tasks. In such an instance, a note-taking app can be the best option for every student.

With such applications, you can store all your notes and all your to-do-tasks in one place. It can be either a to-do list: a Spanish course for the evening, buy dissertation, return a book to the library, or a list of quotes that you wrote down during the lecture. Although some students may find the idea of transforming from traditional pen and paper writing, the benefits they get from such apps are worth having them. So, let us discuss more the best note-taking apps below.

Google Keep

The app has an interface similar to sticky notes. The app has a storage space of 15 GB. With the app, you can upload any file of up to 10 MB. However, you can as well purchase more storage space whenever you need it. Google Keep has a minimal dashboard that permits you to work on all Google products.


  • It is easy to navigate because it has familiar Google icons with a clear layout simplifying all the work.
  • It operates effectively with other Google tools. For example, you can drag and drop


  • You can’t use the app while offline for Windows and Mac devices. You can access the app offline only via Android or Chromebook devices.
  • There is no good organization of notes in case you want to retrieve specific notes faster.

You can download Google Keep on iOS, Chrome, Android, and Web.


One feature about OneNote is that you can only access it through a paid plan. The app comes with 5 GB storage space, and it allows you to upload files up to 100 MB. You will experience a smooth experience using the OneNote app if you are a student who loves exploring ideas.


  • You can write and draw as you could on ordinary paper. This implies that you can add content as often as you like.
  • It has sticky-notes features that allow you to note down essential ideas.
  • Students can share and edit notebooks simultaneously in real-time, just like Google Docs.


  • The interface of OneNote makes it hard to navigate through well.
  • There is no option for sorting notes; hence, poor organization

Zoho Notebook

If you want an app that will help you organize notes into groups, you have Zoho Notebook. The app offers unlimited storage space as compared to other apps. You can upload any file up to 5 GB through the cloud.


  • With the app, you can format your content easily.
  • Zoho Notebook gives you the ability to draw and add personalized images on notebooks.


  • There is no optical character recognition, meaning you can’t convert PDF files or images into texts.
  • The app doesn’t have organizational features.


While in school, note-taking is part of the significant activities. It can be a challenging task because students have other activities to accomplish. However, with the aforementioned applications, you will have an easy time taking and keeping your notes. You can check out other apps like Apple note, Evernote, among others.If you’re a college student or have a child headed off to school soon, you’ve probably heard the same advice over and over again: take notes! But which app should you use? There are a ton of note-taking apps on the market, and that’s a good thing! However, most are not designed for academic use and struggle to keep up with today’s technology.. Read more about best note-taking app android and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best note taking app for college students?

There are many note taking apps that are available for college students. Some of the most popular note taking apps are Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep.

Which app is best for making notes?

The best app for making notes is Evernote.

How do most college students take notes?

Most college students take notes by hand.

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