5+ best collaboration software for small businesses [2021]

The world of business is changing. Smaller businesses are growing at a rapid rate, but they still have a lot to deal with. They need to engage with customers, hire more employees, and work with vendors. While they can meet all these obligations on their own, it is easy to make mistakes that would be difficult to fix.

Getting work done on a team is hard. Most of the time, you need to find a way to communicate with other people. This is why you use collaboration software. Today, we will review 5 of the best collaboration software for small businesses.

The best collaboration software for small businesses [2021] has already existed for some time now, you can read about the best software that will help you get the job done, here:

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool suitable for any team or organization. This software has all the necessary features for serious project management. With Wrike you can create a project and add different tasks to it. Tasks can also be divided among team members. There are also some additional options, such as. B. Ability to set deadlines, make comments, manage tasks, etc. Integration with other services works well, allowing users to add different attachments. Unlike other project management tools, confidentiality is very important in Wrike. You need to invite people to participate in the project, even if they are part of the team. When you’re not working on a project, you can create folders to hold other types of files. Folders even let you sort projects to manage them more efficiently. The communication in Wrike is not of the highest level, as there is no integrated chat application. For more information about Wrike, visit the official website. There is also a free version that you can use for small projects.


If you need a cloud-based project management tool with great features, you have just found the best option. This powerful software is specifically designed to provide amazing speed while ensuring that your online identity is not compromised when using the service. To ensure that third parties cannot collect or store your data, AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 encryption with RSA 2048, the latest and most secure version available on the market. Apart from the great features that are included in this software, such as. B. powerful encryption, amazing optimization options and compatibility with different devices, this application also offers you quick access to all its features and the possibility to customize the interface according to your preferences. You can use the full functionality of AnyDesk on platforms such as macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and of course the Windows platform.


Tap into the full power of this remote access software and stay safe online with state-of-the-art encryption. OnlyOffice is a cloud-based collaboration tool trusted by many businesses for their remote working needs and more. You need a stable internet connection to use it, but you don’t need a lot of frequency for it. And because everything happens while you work, you don’t have to install major software and clean up your registries after you uninstall. Let’s get to the benefits: OnlyOffice has a great built-in messenger that can replace any traditional tool with features like file transfer and multi-user chat support. Like any powerful collaboration software, this application is updated automatically and regularly, but you don’t have to change its interface.

Office only

Get all your work done online in a perfect environment with this premium cloud collaboration app. Not everything in a work environment has to be serious and boring. Bitrix24 is a software service that will revolutionize the way your team manages projects and communicates with each other. This service is available 24/7 and provides all the tools you need to improve collaboration in your workplace. You get an activity stream, group chat, calendars, workgroups and other collaboration tools, and it’s also free up to a certain level of functionality. However, if you want to use all the features of this program, it is better to subscribe to the premium version. The return on investment will be quite quick thanks to the improved workflow. Furthermore, Bitrix is extremely customizable as you can run a self-hosted version of Bitrix24 on your server. This gives you full control over the data, access to the source code, additional tools such as helpdesk and e-learning, as well as integration and customization capabilities.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 offers great features, including collaboration capabilities that improve your team’s workflow. Monday is another high-profile collaborative program. Why is it considered a full-fledged tool for bringing a team together and keeping members on track? Well, Monday offers a generous selection of energy boosters. Highlights include ready-to-use templates (over 60) that eliminate a previously tedious task, automation that lets you forget about endless email chains, and even a 24/7 support team ready to answer all your questions. To work fast with the team and get the job done on time, Monday brings people and resources together. After all, it keeps all your work, emails, calendars, spreadsheets and more in one place. You’ll have instant access to all the information your team needs to make the right decisions, and you’ll never feel like you’re working from home. In fact, you’ll feel like it’s always Monday on your team. If you want to increase user engagement and participation in meetings, you can’t find a better tool. ⇒ Get Monday Slack is one of the most popular collaboration software in the world and certainly one of the most effective. This program offers so many options that you can use to organize your entire team or organization for communication. At first glance, Slack is just a messaging service, but it’s actually much more than that. You can create group chats, called channels, to communicate with different people in your organization. The channels are public, so anyone can see what’s going on. You can also create private chat rooms that are only accessible to people in that chat room. Slack also integrates with many services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter and many others. Sharing external files for channels is also easy as it works on a drag and drop basis. There are free (Lite), standard and Plus versions of Slack. Each version offers a different set of features depending on the price. The Lite version supports an unlimited number of people, but there are some storage limitations. Also, group chats are not possible, and users can only integrate Slack with one service. ⇒ Get a hold of yourself Miro is the industry standard for visual collaboration and planning. Depending on the package you choose, it can be used by small teams looking to speed up their workflows, as well as large companies in need of professional-level control and support. If you know what you’re getting into, check out some of Miro’s extensive features that are worth investing in. The main objective is to improve overall productivity. So with this tool, users can communicate with each other very easily and share valuable collaboration information. Adding photos, layouts, sticky notes and videos makes collaboration fun and relaxing. Key features include whiteboard tools like sticky notes and freehand, unlimited external whiteboard viewers, real-time collaborative editing, integration with Asana, and more. Other advanced tools, such as private table sharing, Azure DevOps and CA Rally integration, and domain whitelisting, make Miro even more attractive. Also in terms of design, this device stands head and shoulders above many of its competitors. The functionality presented here and the number of possibilities make sure that Miro is high on everyone’s list of preferences. ⇒ Get the peace InVision is a powerful tool for designers and artists. Its main purpose is prototyping, but you can also use it as an effective project management tool. If you z. For example, if you’re working on an application design, you can bring your ideas to life with Invision. And get useful feedback from your colleagues. You can create drawings from any program, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and turn them into interactive prototypes. Everything is going well and you have a clear idea of what your project will look like. All members of your team can participate and leave comments for even better understanding. InVision also enables you to hold interactive design meetings. Here you can discuss the project with your colleagues and simply exchange ideas. This web service is not a classical project management tool, but it offers excellent collaboration possibilities. InVision is provided free of charge. However, in the free version you can only work on one project at a time. ⇒ Get InVision Asana is different from other project management tools. It’s kind of an extended task list with lots of extra options. Asana allows you to set goals for your team in the form of list items. But these elements are interactive because the team members can work with each other through them. This service is extremely flexible. When you create a task list in Asana, you can assign it to a team member, set a due date, upload or link related documents, add tags, etc. You can even subscribe to the project and be notified when changes are made. As far as communication goes, there are definitely better options than Asana. However, you can combine Asana with Slack and other popular tools. There is also a common discussion forum where team members can discuss the project. Asana is usually available for free. The free version gives you all the basic options that are sufficient for small teams. You can create a team of up to 15 people, create an unlimited number of projects and tasks, but with a limited number of panels. ⇒ Getting Asana Podio is a web service that acts as a social micro network just for your team members (but it doesn’t present itself as a social network). Each team member creates his or her own Podio account. Through these accounts, team members can communicate with each other and participate in the workflow. Podio is divided into workspaces where different people in your team can work. Like real social networks, Podio also supports applications. Some of these applications are group chat, project management application, meeting application and others. All these applications are available to users through the Podio online store. The ability to add different features and options through applications makes Podio extremely flexible and customizable. Each workspace may have a different set of applications and different team members. Podio also offers a free account, but it’s rather limited because it doesn’t support project management. ⇒ Get Podio Trello is another tool that many people think of as a to-do list, but it’s much more than that. This project management tool is designed for visualists, as it combines attractive appearance and functionality well. Trello is organized into tables and charts. Panels can be designated as work areas, while cards can represent a specific part of a project. The cards are very easy to customize, so you can design each card to your liking. Cards can be a combination of text, images or other documents. You can combine different media to get the most accurate picture of the current phase. There is good integration with other services and file formats, so you can easily create a postcard from PDF documents. Each team member on board can be assigned a card. Tracking is enabled so you can always see what is happening on each card. Some functions, such as. B. The ability to mark a milestone as completed is missing. However, Trello offers the ability to set an expiration date for the cards and to archive them. Trello is available for free, but with some limitations. Users of the free version can attach maps up to a size of 10 MB, but the number of maps is not limited. There are also Gold, Business Class and Enterprise versions, which of course remove some of the restrictions. ⇒ Get Trello Yes, you heard right, we think Skype is a great collaboration tool. You probably won’t find Skype in a list of the best collaboration tools, but it’s a fact: Millions of professionals use Skype. Some small businesses just can’t afford to buy premium tools, so they prefer Skype. If you ignore the occasional bugs, Skype is still a good choice. Microsoft’s service has everything a small team needs to get the job done. As you probably know, you can call, chat, have group conversations, share files and links, etc. with different people. There is also Skype for Business, which is designed for large businesses. Microsoft has ensured that Skype can be integrated with virtually any platform, so you can even use the browser-based version. So if you don’t want to experiment with lesser known tools and don’t need an advanced project management tool, Skype is perfect. ⇒ Get Skype That’s it, these are our top collaboration apps for Windows 10. Most of these services are suitable for organizations at all levels and for teams of all sizes. That way, you can do a more thorough analysis and determine which program is worth paying for (or not). To make you and your team even more productive, here are the best mind mapping tools and timer apps for Windows. Let us know what you think of our choices in the comments, and let us know if you know of any other great project management tools that we haven’t mentioned here.There are many ways to collaborate on a project. Some are old, some are new: online, on a phone, on your computer, etc. This list explains some of the best tools for collaboration in the 21st century, and how to leverage them when you need them.. Read more about free online collaboration tools and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best collaboration tools in 2020?

Research indicates that a team makes the most progress when its members are as close together as possible. However, it often doesn’t happen. Why? Because of differences in personality and work styles, as well as incompatible views on how work should be organized. To get the most out of collaboration, you need to understand how to open spaces for different viewpoints to be expressed and listened to. This requires you to have a shared understanding of what the team is trying to accomplish, as well as how results should be measured. The world of business is constantly evolving. Current trends in technology and technology adoption have changed the way people work, and how businesses work, too. Many of these changes come in the form of new software applications, and we have started seeing a trend of companies creating software applications that help companies collaborate in ways they never have before. Since the people who manage the technology are the people who will be able to make the changes that will make the biggest impact, it’s important that the tools they’ll be using are the best. Here are some of the best collaboration tools we’ve seen recently.

What is the most popular workplace collaboration tool?

The office has been remade; it has been turned into a collaborative space where teams are able to work together to share, brainstorm, and collaborate effectively. A place where people can connect and do work at the same time; a place where people can work from home, a coffee shop or even a park. The office has been redefined. Concurrently, business collaboration software is evolving at a breakneck pace. The glut of options on the market can be confusing. To give you a list of the best collaboration tools, today we will recommend the five most popular workplace collaboration tools.

What is the best free collaboration tool?

Good collaboration tools are essential for small businesses, no matter how big or small, and everyone can benefit from more tools that help them work together more efficiently. If you’re familiar with the latest and greatest apps and software for business, you know that sometimes the best thing to do is to take advantage of free tools with limited functionality. For example, there’s a whole slew of great collaboration tools that are offered for free. Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box are just a few that get mentioned. While these are great tools, you really need to look at the features and limitations to make sure they’re a good fit for you. There are a number of other free tools that are offered by various companies that are a bit more robust and offer more features.

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