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Astro Bot is the one of the first robot game to lure you to play with your friends. It is developed by the creators of the popular robot game “Robot Unicorn Attack”. In this game, you and your friends will be able to build the robots that you really want. You can create a robotic dog, a robotic pig, a robotic pig with a potato and a robot unicorn with a carrot. You can also customize the robot’s appearance by matching its color with your smartphone or tablet’s color. The game is very simple and easy to play. Just drag and drop the blocks into the robot’s legs and arms which is a very fun game. The game is available for both Android and iOS.

Astro Bot is a super fun and addictive game that will make you enjoy your time playing more and more. The game is not particularly challenging, but you’ll be addicted to it very quickly. Astro Bot is a fun and adorable game which will keep your attention for hours. Astro Bot is really fun and addictive. You can play this game for hours. Astro Bot is really fun and addictive. You can play this game for hours.

Astro Bot is an interesting game for fans of the platformer scene and also for newcomers who want to learn how to program or is just looking for a new game to play. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store  and many players already know the game. The good thing is that this game is available in English and it’s completely free to download.  In Astro Bot the player has to move his character to reach the next level. The character moves automatically and the player can only control the movement of the character with the touch screen. In each level there is a time limit and so the player has to finish the level before the time is out. Each level the game gets harder and harder, but if the player meets

ASTRO BOT is a first-person VR shooter with a retro-inspired aesthetic. You are a spaceship directing the ASTRO BOT across a metropolis full with opponents, ranging from huge robots to extraterrestrial ships. Only your faithful ASTRO BOT can save humanity from approaching doom.

I’m not especially fond of traditional multiplayer games, and I’m not particularly skilled at video games, but I did enjoy Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It’s really worth a go, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, hard, and (surprise) enjoyable game.

Astro Bot is a fantastic virtual reality game. That was a difficult one to write because I’m usually disappointed in the quality of VR games when I review them. Astro Bot, on the other hand, is not one of them. Learn more about astro bot and share your thoughts with us.


The release of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission on PSVR on Tuesday will be a watershed event for VR platforming. The design, animation, and rendering of the game are all excellent. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the first PSVR game we’ve given a perfect score to, and it’s full of charm and just the right amount of substance.

The following are the details of the ASTRO Bot Rescue Mission:

Website of the Organization

The publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The developer is JAPAN STUDIO. [Exclusive] PlayStation VR (PS4, PS4 Pro) is now available. This evaluation was conducted on a PS4 Pro. On October 2nd, 2018, the film was released.



Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a spin-off of the “Robots Rescue” mini-game from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s JAPAN Studio’s The Playroom VR, a free collection of co-op mini-games included with PSVR. Astro Bot Rescue Journey gives a hearty serving of single-player fun as you lead the cute ASTRO, the captain bot, on a mission to reconnect with his bot companions who have been distributed around the universe, while co-op is no longer available.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a platformer with a twist: instead of side-scrolling, you’ll be traveling forward through each level as you chase down ASTRO (who is controlled with the PS4 gamepad). Levels are happening all around you, even if you’re on rails, as you drive ASTRO up, down, under, and over in imaginative ways that make full advantage of VR’s enormous depth and scale.


Astro Bot Rescue Mission is reminiscent of classic platformers such as Donkey Kong Country (1994), luring players around the environment with glistening coins to collect from one platform to the next, with eight of ASTRO’s little bot companions concealed in each level and waiting to be discovered.

While the path ahead is usually evident, astute players may uncover hidden tunnels where others haven’t thought to check. The majority of the bots in each level are easy to see, if not hear, but a few are hidden away in these secret locations, ensuring that you’ll return to some of the levels to find the bots you missed the first time.

The game is constantly introducing new concepts and circumstances to the fundamental platforming while retaining a high degree of intuitive gameplay that does not overwhelm the player, making the entire battle appear engaging and pleasant.

Virtual tools with varied levels of attachment to your controller enable some of the most exciting and enjoyable gaming. You’ll come across weaponry like a grappling hook, a water cannon, a shuriken launcher, and others that require you to use your motion tracked controller to aid ASTRO.


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Players must collect a certain number of bots to access each planet’s monster; however, I never had fewer than the amount of bots required to unlock the boss during my playthrough, thus this would most certainly limit less talented gamers. Despite this, I returned to numerous levels after finishing the game to track down some of the missing bots; the gameplay is so compelling that it doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather an enjoyable challenge.

Each of the six boss encounters features a gigantic baddie bot with loads of personality and wonderfully rendered animation. The interactions put classic boss-battle notions to good use in VR, with bosses creating attack patterns that grow in complexity during the fight, rising through numerous levels as the creature takes damage. The conflicts incorporate both ASTRO and the player, as you’ll need to use one of the virtual tools to help slay the monster. The game normally only gives you one hit point, but boss bouts give you three. It’s quite satisfying to win the battle on the first try, with the ideal balance of enjoyment and difficulty.


In addition, each level features a solitary chameleon that may be located by staring at it long enough to activate it. The chameleons blend in with whatever surface they’re on, but they produce a characteristic sound that will aid you in determining where to look first. Finding a chameleon unlocks each of the 26 Challenge levels.

The Challenge stages are a significant addition to the game’s content, and rather than being filler (like timed or reversed versions of existing stages), the majority of them are completely custom mini-levels—some of which even include gameplay not found in any of the main levels—many of which are genuinely challenging and will have you trying to achieve either a silver or gold rank over and over again. The only content that repeats throughout the Challenge stages is the game’s six boss encounters, in which you must destroy the creatures without taking any damage. The boss fights are so fun that they don’t feel like filler, and they’re worth watching multiple times.


The bots you save at the conclusion of each level are collected aboard the ASTRO BOT spacecraft, which you can visit whenever you like. Inside, all of the bots you’ve saved will be waiting for you, and you’ll be able to run, jump, and play with them while they follow ASTRO about. With hundreds of bots to save, it’s more amusing to watch the little creatures swarm over the area, leaping on trampolines and sliding down slides in quest of ASTRO (and amazing from a technological perspective).

You can also spend your money to activate a virtual claw machine on board the ship, where you can fish for different colored spheres, each containing a little vignette of the game’s surroundings and opponents. Each hue represents a treasure chest on board the ship that, when opened, turns the inside into a play area for ASTRO to explore. Unfortunately, the rescued bots vanish as the chests are loaded, but the surroundings become more dynamic as you collect additional elements of each set, replete with enemies and articulating components.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Astro Bot Rescue Mission was a $60 game, given its high polish and excellent game concept. Despite this, it’s only $40, which seems like a good price for what you get. It took me over nine hours to complete all of the levels, which included unlocking all of the difficulty levels and getting at least a silver grade in each. While I missed a few chameleons (which unlock the Challenge stages) on my first pass through the main levels, going back and finding the rest didn’t seem like a big deal, especially given the prize was more Challenge stages to play.



Astro Bot Rescue Mission has an incredible sense of scale and space. ASTRO will not only be running on the player’s left and right, but also far above and below, prompting you to look down to see where you’re directing the bot. These scenes make fantastic use of the stereoscopy provided by the headset, particularly when ASTRO leaps onto a trampoline and returns to the player’s level. To guide ASTRO to a mystery, you’ll need to spin around every now and again, almost face the backdrop. When it appears that there is no way forward, lean forward to gain a new perspective.


While the majority of the action in Astro Bot Rescue Mission is around guiding tiny ASTRO through each level, the player is also present in the world, and the game uses amusing settings to remind you of this. The camera also follows the player’s PS4 controller, which is always visible throughout the game. This is not only a creative and simple means of ensuring that players can see which buttons to hit as they learn the controls, but it also provides the sensation that the player is reaching directly into the game world.

This is most visible in certain stages, when a chest appears in front of the player and asks to be opened with the gamepad as a key. When you’ve done so, the gamepad will be locked into the key slot, and the chest will open, revealing a virtual tool that you can use throughout the level.


One of the most commonly utilized tools is the grappling hook. By flicking the touchpad in the direction the PS4 controller is facing, the hook is expelled. The grappling hook will be utilized to battle enemies, reveal tunnels, and act as a tightrope for ASTRO to walk on at specific points.


Your head will be a crucial instrument as you will be asked to headbutt some barriers or gaze at the target you want ASTRO to pitch a ball at. Some of the clever effects on your visor include water droplets that slide down your view after being immersed in water, or goo balls thrown by some opponents that block your vision (shake your head to fling it off!).

Despite the fact that the player is intended to be present in the environment, I couldn’t find any instances in the game where harming yourself (rather than ASTRO) had any significant consequences. If you come into contact with something that could harm ASTRO, a ‘broken screen’ effect appears on your headset, which has the minor effect of temporarily hindering your eyesight before dispersing.


While Astro Bot Rescue Mission does not evoke Presence (the feeling that the virtual world around you is truly real), it does provide a rich and fascinating atmosphere. Environmental aspects that respond to nearly everything you do in the game include the how ASTRO’s lasers produce ripples in lava and how opponents react to being blasted with water.

From start to finish, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is superbly animated and produced. Objects shine with genuine reflections and shimmer, and burst or respond with magnificent images and noises that are continually gratifying, from grabbing a box full of gold to finding a hidden tunnel by collapsing a phony wall.


While spatial audio can help the player locate some of the more difficult hidden bots and chameleons, the audio channel can get overwhelmed with all of the action, making it difficult to tell where noises are coming from. Some levels start with no music and minimal sound effects, which is a refreshing change from the usually congested audio channel.

While the game’s music is enjoyable in the moment, I didn’t find any particularly memorable themes, which is unfortunate because a wonderful game requires a fantastic soundtrack. Nonetheless, the music was delightful throughout the game, and it complemented the cheerful tone of the game.



Despite the fact that ASTRO ends up running all over the place, the player is generally floating along an invisible rail that is perfectly straight. ASTRO appears every few levels, and the player is guided to a new area of the level by an elevator that carries them diagonally up or down. While some players may find this irritating, I found the steady and consistent speed of the movement to be acceptable, and I never felt sick.

If you want to find all of the game’s secrets, you’ll have to crane your neck straight up, down, or directly behind you on a regular basis. This may be a little uncomfortable depending on your seating arrangement, but it happens rarely enough that it isn’t a major concern.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission makes extensive use of 3D depth to help players judge leaps, especially when ASTRO is a long way away. Players with poor stereo vision may find the game more difficult than others. Smart signals, like as ASTRO’s lasers (which shoot straight downward from his legs when double leaping), can aid quantify landings.

Astro Bot is a much anticipated and highly anticipated game, developed by the renown team behind After The End and Rayman creators, Ubisoft Paris. Astro Bot, like it’s predecessors, is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer, but yet again, this game has taken some surprising twists and turns.. Read more about astro bot figure and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astro Bot rescue a good mission?

Astro Bot Rescue is a good mission because it has a lot of different levels and its fun.

Is Astro Bot free?

Yes, Astro Bot is free to download.

How much does Astro Bot Cost?

Astro Bot costs $15.99 USD

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