Cutest Farming Games Available Now On Switch

If you’re a fan of games like FarmVille and Hay Day, you’re sure to love our next game, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – another great farming game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. As you might have guessed, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a game based on the popular farming simulation series Harvest Moon that is currently out on the Nintendo Switch. While Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a new title, it is a remake of a game that was released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in mid-2017.

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile game console that’s also great for other stuff, like reading, watching TV, and…farming? That’s right, tending to a farm can be surprisingly fun on a handheld device, and we rounded up the best of the bunch for you to enjoy.  Whether you prefer a peaceful experience or something more competitive, you’ll find the perfect game here.

Here’s a list of the cutest farm games you can play on Nintendo Switch right now.

While I probably couldn’t play anything but Stardew Valley for the rest of my life, it’s good to know that there are plenty of cute farm games on Switch just waiting to be explored. Here, I’ve done my best to find all the fun ones and collect them in one place. After all, it never hurts to have enough games to keep your attention. Fortunately, there are quite a few games on the Nintendo Switch right now that fall into the cute peasant category.

Stardew Valley

Of course, this list has to start with one of the best farm games of all time. Given the amount of content and constant updates, it’s no surprise that SV often tops the bestseller list. You can download it anytime and enjoy a totally new and unique experience. With the 1.5 update, there’s even a brand new farm type. Now you can run a farm in your own tropical paradise. Stardew Valley is available from the eShop for just £14.99.

Doraemon : Seasonal arrangement

Doraemon Story of Seasons, for those not familiar with it, is a hybrid game that combines the best of Story of Seasons and Doraemon into one game. Players must take on the role of a boy named Nobita (who also appears in the original Doraemon manga and anime). In Story of the Seasons, players grow crops, raise animals, and improve their farm, which is located in a town called Shizen Town. Doraemon Story of Seasons is available on the eShop for $49.99.

Yonder: Cloudcatcher Chronicle

For those of you with your heads in the clouds who haven’t played or listened to Yonder yet: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, is an open world adventure game with a beautiful aesthetic. It was originally published on 18. July 2017: released on PC and PS4. It was published on the 17th. May 2018 release on Switch. The game has everything you would expect from a great farming game! Over there: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is available on the eShop for £29.99.

Joint operation

Farm games are in fashion. Everyone is starting to enjoy our favorite quiet and relaxing video games. Farm Together is the latest in agricultural simulation. A multiplayer or single player game (depending on how you prefer to farm) developed by Milkstone Studios. Farm Together was released just a few days ago and has already captured the hearts of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon fans. Farm Together is available in the eShop for €19.99.

Joint operation

Insensitivity to wind

The Stillness of the Wind is a beautiful and unique version of the traditional and very popular farming game. The game revolves around Talma, an elderly woman who spends her last days on her farm growing food, making cheese and taking care of animals. The Stillness of the Wind combines everything found in great farm games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. Stillness of the Wind is available on the eShop for $12.99.

Insensitivity to wind

Crop life

Harvest Life is an original approach to the farm simulator genre. In this game, the player will of course farm, herd cattle and explore the beautiful surroundings. But in addition to the usual farming features, the game also offers an intriguing storyline. Harvest Life is available from the eShop for £19.99.

Secluded Paradise

Castaway Paradise has been very successful on other platforms, including Steam (PC), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is based on Animal Crossing, but released its island adventure years before New Horizons was announced. At Castaway Paradise, your journey begins on your own tropical island. This is your country, your adventure! Do what you want, when you want! And that includes many of the features we’ve come to expect from deep life simulators like this one. Castaway Paradise is currently available on the eShop for $19.99.

Secluded Paradise

My time in the game

My Time At Portia is officially out on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch! In this article, we look at the main differences between the PC and console versions at the time of initial release. While the two versions are very similar, there are a few notable differences on the console. My Time at Portia is currently available on the eShop for £29.99.

My stay in Portia

Dragon Quest Builders 2

For those not familiar with the series: Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a game of exploring, questing and building. Today’s trailer focuses on the latter and shows off the game’s awesome multiplayer features. Four players can work together and create their own little world. You will be able to exploit the resources and make anything you want. From giant airlocks to working mine wagons, and much more. In this visually appealing game, your creativity sets the limits. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently available on the eShop for £49.99.

Little Dragons Cafe

When I started playing Little Dragons Cafe, I never thought I would get so involved in the plot and characters. A small family consisting of a mother, a brother and a sister run a café together. One day your mother falls ill and you discover that she is half dragon. An old man arrives and tells the siblings that if they work together to run the café and raise the dragon boy properly, their mother will get better. Little Dragons Cafe is currently available on the eShop for £59.99.

Harvest Moon : Light of Hope

Looking for a new start and a new environment, you are embarking on a journey to start a new life! Unfortunately, the weather has other plans: A monsoon hits your ship and it sinks! You end up in a small port town devastated by a storm, where a young doctor named Jeanne saves your life. Harvest Moon Light of Hope is currently available on the eShop for £39.99.

HM : Light of Hope

Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special was announced almost a year ago during the Nintendo Direct. After its initial release in 2012 on the popular Nintendo 3DS system, the game has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch in a more colorful, polished, and improved version. Rune Factory 4 Special features improved graphics and a new Bride and Groom game mode that allows players to experience special episodes with their spouses. You can also get special items that you can unlock later in Rune Factory 5. Rune Factory 4 Special is currently available on the eShop for $29.99.

Summer at Mara

For those who don’t know: Summer in Mara is a farming game where you can create your own island by planting trees, growing crops and raising livestock such as pigs and chickens. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can hop on a boat and sail to new islands, where there are many people to meet and many treasures to find! Summer in Mara is currently available in the eShop for £24.99.

Small wood

For those who missed it : Littlewood is an adorable farming game completely inspired by games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. The game came out on Steam last August and received a lot of good reviews.  Gamblers often mention that gambling is always very relaxing and addictive. It is described as a quiet version of Stardew Valley. Last month, developer Sean Young finally ported his masterpiece to the console where it belongs. Littlewood for Switch is currently available for just £14.99.

These are just some of the cutest farm games currently available on Nintendo Switch. There are many other farming games currently available, with many more in the works. If you think I’ve overlooked something that belongs in this list, let me know in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cutest Nintendo switch games?

Although gaming is not my thing I have to say I am always intrigued by the adorable games they design for the Nintendo switch. The low-key graphics and cute characters seem to be a perfect match. The switch is a handheld gaming device that has been very popular since its initial release in March 2017. The console is especially popular with players who do not want to sit in front of a TV for long periods of time. “Research your blog topic to ensure it is a good fit for your audience. Researching will help you to “know thyself” and “know thy audience”.” What are some of the best games on the Nintendo Switch? It’s a question that has a straightforward answer, but finding it can be a bit trickier. With so many great titles on the market, there’s no shortage of great games to play and replay. To help narrow things down, we’ve compiled a list of the best Switch games, as well as some of the systems most underrated gems.

Is there a farming game for Nintendo switch?

Farming games on the Nintendo Switch have been few and far between. That is a shame, because there is a lot of potential for fun in the concept: Imagine taking care of a virtual farm that is always with you. Of course, the Switch has a lot of other games to worry about, but we have high hopes for the future. One of the reasons why we’re optimistic is that the handheld mode of the Switch makes it perfect for taking care of animals and growing crops, so it’s only natural that more games will be released in this genre. This is a story about the Nintendo Switch and how it is great for farming games! As you probably know, the Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming console from Nintendo. The Switch is actually a hybrid console, which means that it’s basically a console and a handheld gaming device.

Will Sims ever be on switch?

It’s been a long time since The Sims 4 was released for Switch, and a lot of people are starting to wonder if a port for the latest Sims game will ever be possible. The truth is it will be, but it will take a while. The Sims 3 was released in 2009, but a port to Switch didn’t come out until 2017. Although the Sims franchise has been around in one form or another since the first game launched in 2000, it wasn’t until recently that I realized that there were no Sims games on Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch. Now, I’m not saying Sims would be the largest third-party launch ever for the Switch, but it would certainly fit right in with the quirky Nintendo audience. As a Sims fan, I’m disappointed that a Switch Sims game hasn’t released yet, but I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to play The Sims on the Switch.

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