Google Reminders vs. Tasks | Which One is For You in 2021?

It’s been six years since Google launched its smart reminders technology, which allows users to create, edit, and delete reminders on the web and through Gmail. Although its usefulness is obvious, the feature has never really taken off, with only 3% of searches coming up with the results and Google’s original feature that put reminders on the web and within Gmail.

Google has announced its new reminder feature, which lets users set a reminder for themselves using voice commands. But which one is better? The company has announced that Tasks will be the default reminder feature in the upcoming version of Google’s OS. If you want to try Tasks, then you can enable them by going to Settings > Apps > Google.

Google Memories vs.

Making a to-do list is essential for time management and there are many uses for it. But if you get two apps with the same functionality from the company that built your phone’s operating system, you won’t be looking for more. So, Google Reminders or Tasks? What’s the difference? This article discusses both of these concepts, as well as Google Reminders and Tasks.

What is the difference?

Difference between Google Tasks and Reminders

This distinction is one of the main advantages of Google Reminders over Tasks. Both devices allow users to plan their daily activities. Instead of using sticky notes that can be easily lost, people can now use sticky notes. Although their application seems similar, their operation and interface are different.

Google Reminders is an application integrated with Google Assistant and Google Calendar that allows you to easily set and execute reminders.

Google Tasks is a standalone application mainly used to add tasks with reminders and mark their completion. You can create multiple lists to organize your work. For example, one list might be for work and another for home.

How do they both work?

How Google Tasks workIn Google Tasks, you add tasks with detailed information. The Google Calendar application can work together with the Tasks application to add and view responsibilities. To add a task to the calendar, go to a specific day and click on the plus sign at the bottom left.

In the Reminders app, on the other hand, you can set a reminder by saying Remind me…. or by typing Set Reminder in the Google Assistant app. You can also open a specific day in the Calendar application and add a reminder by pressing the plus sign.

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Use of

Google Reminders and Tasks interface

If your activity is time sensitive and you want to see them as you define them, it’s best to choose Google Tasks. With this app, you know at a glance in your calendar when you are going to have lunch with a client.

When the task is complete, click on it and choose Mark completed. When you click the button, the event appears in Google Calendar if you have scheduled it.

The Google Reminders app works differently. Suppose you were supposed to hand in your report on Wednesday, but did so the day before. You will see that your reminder is at the top of the page, along with the date, and that it is highlighted.

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Google Widget To Do List

Since tasks are a separate application, they come with two widgets. The first is a list that displays your recent tasks, with options to complete the task, add a task, and edit the task list. Simply click on the circle to mark the task as completed. The second widget is just an icon to add a new task.

Call options

In the next section, Google Reminders and Tasks, we’ll look at the reminder options we have. Both applications provide the same type of information. You can add :

  1. Name of the memorial
  2. Date and time
  3. Repetition (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)

Google Reminders has a location option that replaces the time option, and vice versa, Google Tasks has no location option, but you have a details option to add details about the task.


Google Calendar with reminders and tasks

Google Reminders allows a user to sync their calendar with other users.

Google Tasks, on the other hand, can help the team significantly. The team leader can update his team’s assignments in real time.

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There is an application called GQueues that allows users to log into a Google account, create a team and add new members. They have the option to import the list sent to them into Google Tasks as they work.

Tasks can also import reminders from the Reminders application and convert them into tasks. This option appears when you open the Tasks application for the first time.

Which one suits you best?

Google Tasks are important for those who want to plan activities that require some detail. For comparison: Google Reminders is recommended for those looking for a way to easily remember a specific task.

In other words: It all depends on how you are going to use the two devices. If you want to create memories for the occasion, Google Memories is the perfect choice. There is also no need to install another application. If, like me, you have more than one project, you should try Tasks. Personally, I use Tasks to separate YouTube and website related tasks. It helps me to manage tasks well.



In fact, Google Reminders and Google Tasks are both identical. With both these Google products, an individual or even a company can increase their productivity by helping them create an organized calendar.

To answer the question, the answer is: Google Reminders or Tasks, which is better? The only person who can answer this question is the user. Although they both look alike, they still have their differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Google reminders and Google Tasks?

Reminders are a Google feature that helps you keep track of important tasks. Tasks are a Google feature that helps you organize your work.

What is better Google keep or Google Tasks?

Google keep is better than Google Tasks.

Do Google Tasks remind you?

Google Tasks is a task manager that is integrated with Google Calendar. It allows you to create tasks and reminders in Google Calendar.

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