Hitman 3 Review: A Proper Sendoff to The Professional

Hitman 3 Review: A Proper Sendoff to The Professional

E3 2017 was a fantastic show for gaming fans, and Hitman 3 was a highlight. The game is a proper sendoff to the Hitman franchise’s most iconic character, Agent 47, and it’s a great way to end this series’ run. The game has all the things you love about previous Hitman titles—great stealth, cool tools, and a ton of replayability—but it also brings in new features to keep it fresh, such as new ways to kill your targets, and a new way to replay missions. The new game is a must-have for gamers who love stealth games, and it’s an excellent swan song for Agent 47’s story.

Hitman 3 is the final chapter in a long running series of stealth based games. Hitman has been around since 2000, and has seen many changes over the years. However, the latest installment doesn’t have many changes to the formula that made the previous Hitman games so popular. If you’ve played the previous Hitman games, you know what to expect with this one, as the new game doesn’t break any new ground.

Hitman 3 is the last installment in the Hitman game series and is a proper sendoff to the character known as Agent 47. Hitman 3 is a third person shooter game where the player controls Agent 47 and performs a wide variety of assassinations and missions. The game is set in a large area of diverse locations.

TheHitman series is something of a unicorn in the video game world. Although the franchise is over two decades old, it has had to put up with very few imitators in its history. There’s no such thing. So the creators of IO Interactive are turning their attention to themselves and trying to improve the series. The 2016 soft reboot did exactly that, creating the best game in the series at the time. Hitman 2 raised the bar even higher in 2018, refining the signature style and impressive content of the stealth action franchise. Hitman 3is IO Interactive’s best game to date. It once again builds on the grandiose foundation of its predecessor and gives fans a fitting farewell to Agent 47.

Hitman 3 preview : Professional farewell

word-image-11211 Like its predecessors in, Hitman 3is described as a stealth action game, but the game is more of a puzzle game. It is a game where the player must control an artificial intelligence that walks a path that leads to a bloody end. The complexity of this game is so fascinating that each level resembles the world’s deadliest Rube Goldberg machine. This volume doesn’t revolutionize what’s been made since 2016, nor should it. As a platform for the entire trilogy,Hitman 3 is significantly improved, but it mostly serves to showcase the developer’s untouchable level design skills. For the roving world of Agent 47 and the players, every mission is a chance to turn over every stone and find countless ways to achieve their ultimate goal of assassination. InHitman 3 , the player finds himself on the roof of a talent building in Dubai, in a foggy British mansion forKnives Out, a similar assassination, on the neon-drenched streets of Chongqing, China, and much more, and like the previous games in the reboot trilogy, they are almost all exceptional. Like a sad clown, they all wear a superficial layer that the locals would have you believe, but Agent 47 is always able to look deeper and find the dark underbelly. Dubai’s skyscraper looks rich and extravagant, but behind the closed doors the offices are shabby and simple. On Dartmoor, the exterior of a beautiful country house hides the secret of a family, disheveled and exhausted. Like Sapienza, Miami and many other locations, the locations in Hitman 3 are among the strongest in any video game. word-image-11212 The only exception, which is also the biggest disappointment of the game, is the last level. Without spoilers, suffice it to say that the linearity of this volume reveals much of what makesHitman so special, just as some parts ofHitman Absolutiondid in 2012. In some ways, this finale is a clever departure from the decades-old design principles of Hitman, turning the hierarchical nature of the game’s disguise system into a linear path rather than a sandbox, but given that the previous levels of Hitman 3 offer their own short linear cinematic sections before the actual sandbox opens up, I was surprised that this final mission was devoid of a similarly fiendish setting that awaited at the end. I suppose if you’re trying to get a message across in your trilogy, some sticking points are necessary on the way to the end goal, and it helps to soften the feeling when there’s so much creative play in the earlier levels. Thanks to the plethora of challenges and escalating contracts – increasingly difficult missions with rock-hard parameters – the replay value in Hitman 3 is also high, and it’s higher than ever if you’ve played the trilogy from the start. Players who own or have purchased the previous games can treatHitman 3 as one hub for all three games, and even transfer new Hitman 3 unlocks to older levels, so it looks like all three games will be properly supported after launch. word-image-11213 2016 is not only a revival ofHitmangameplay after the whodunitAbsolution, but also a chance to restart the Agent 47 story. As the conclusion to the planned trilogy,Hitman 3 achieves its grand goals and sends Agent 47 off into the sunset, if only for a little while. I always likedHitman , but inHitman 3 I felt more drawn to the story than ever before. From the very first scene where Agent 47 and his sidekick Gray jump out of a plane with a parachute,Hitman 3 has the same sense of finality asThe Dark Knight RisesorThe Deathly Hallows, an exhilarating feeling that everything will work out. Hitman 3 brimming with style and cinematic flair among beautiful levels, and clearly shows that IO’s next project as a game developer007 was well planned. The style of this game is so similar, with world leaders hosting elegant cocktail parties to cover up their more nefarious plots taking place on another floor, that I really wondered ifHitman 3 might actually be a007 game, as part of a carefully crafted scam leading up to the studio’s next project. IO knows how to showcase its products like no other, and during the third playthrough of this version of Hitman, everything came together brilliantly. While there are no major new additions to Agent 47’s toolbox, he does have a few extra tricks up his sleeve (assuming his current disguise uses sleeves). The camera tool allows you to reach inaccessible places and it also serves as a simplified shooting mode for virtual photographers. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s the best game I’ve ever played in terms of atmosphere and lighting, so it’s still fun to play. There are also new shortcuts built into the levels that can only be opened from a hard-to-reach side, but once opened, they are preserved for all subsequent playthroughs. Like most games in the series, these games encourage exploration and reward it in abundance. Overall, the game only takes steps forward in terms of gameplay innovation, partly to maintain IO’s plans for a trilogy on the platform, but it makes more impressive leaps when it comes to the story, rounding out one of the best trilogies in gaming with another impeccable level design world tour.

Hitman 3 – The ConclusionOverview



  • Even more unbeatable level design
  • A well told final chapter of a great trilogy.
  • Creativity rules again
  • The lighting and atmosphere are stunningly good in every shot.


  • A bit of innovation in the gameplay
  • A rather linear final level brightens up the farewell a bit.

Hitman 3 feels like the culmination of years of work by IO Interactive. So much has happened in the life of this team: the episodic debut of the trilogy, which received mixed reactions, the breakup with Square Enix and becoming independent, and now the licensing of007 for their next game. The one constant in all of this wasHitman, a series that was never better than 2016 – until it got even better in 2018 and 2021. If this is the end of the killer barcode, at least for a while, then it’s the end that the developers, the fans, and Agent 47 deserve. [Note: IO Interactive provided a copy of Hitman 3 that was used for this review].The Hitman franchise has been around for a long time. The first game was released in 2000, and its latest release in 2016, Hitman 3, had a lot to live up to. So, does it live up to the legacy left by its predecessors?. Read more about hitman 3 access pass and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hitman 3 Worth the money?

Arguably the best-looking game of 2016, Hitman 3 sends off the beloved Agent 47 in style. The seventh entry in the Hitman series is the perfect sendoff for Agent 47, with a story rich in lore (though not as rich as the previous games in the series), and absolutely beautiful graphics that are not to be missed. Although it is a little shorter than some of its predecessors, the story is good enough for 10 hours of gameplay, which is nice. Overall, Hitman 3 is an excellent way to finish off the series. This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.

Does Hitman 3 have a good story?

It’s a good time to be a gamer, particularly if you love the Hitman series. Hitman 2, the follow-up to 2016’s surprise smash hit Hitman, was a fantastic game that brought all the depth of this long-running series into one big sandbox with a ton of replay value. Now developer Io Interactive is getting ready to release the third and final game in this particular story arc, which fittingly is titled Hitman 3. The Hitman series has always thrived on its unique ability to provide gamers with the ability to become a professional assassin and carry out the most heart-pounding missions to date. The first Hitman game provided gamers with a solid story line, although its sequel did not. (It might be best to pretend that Hitman 2 never existed.) Hitman 3: Blood Money was a great game that returned the series to glory with a solid story and an amazing gameplay modification that allowed gamers to complete missions in any way they saw fit. (You could even fake your death and escape the scene with your clothes on fire.)

Is Hitman 3 selling well?

Hitman 3 was a game that was hyped for almost a year. It had a lot to live up to, and there was a lot of doubt that it would be able to live up to the expectation. Afterall, the hype was coming from a company that had changed hands after the previous two games. You’ll agree with me when I say that the game delivers. A new Hitman game is always exciting, but even more so when it’s the final entry in the series. Hitman 3 filled a void that had existed ever since the series’ debut in 2000, restoring the series to prominence with excellent gameplay and an incredible story. Now that the game’s been out for a while, though, is it selling well? It’s too early to tell, but the game’s sales numbers are certainly looking promising.

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