Hood: Outlaws & Legends Tooke Guide

With so many MMOs and MOBAs out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to play and which one to invest your time and money in. In this guide, we take a look at the new MMO Hood: Outlaws & Legends by Tooke Games. In it, we discuss the game’s launch, its gameplay, its unique features, and much more.

Hood is a game that was released 20 years ago and was first introduced in 1995. The game was made by Sierra and the latest version of the game was released on 17th of April, 1995. The game was released for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac computers, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, Apple Pippin and the 3DO game console. The latest version of the game is available for free on the internet.


In this cover: In the Outlaws & Legends Tooke guide, you’ll find a complete overview of the character and tips and tricks for playing with Tooke. Tuck is one of four characters in the game that you can play with. Like every other class in the game, Tuck has unique equipment, skills, and play style, which we’ll explain below.

Tooke Guide – Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Our hood: Outlaws & Legends’ Tooke Guide contains everything you need to know about playing Tooke in Hood: Bandits and legends.

Character Overview

Tuck is an advanced character, and you shouldn’t target him if you’re just starting to play Hood: Outlaws & Legends. While he can become one of the strongest characters in the game after some practice, he can be a bit difficult for new players to master. Tuck uses a hammer as his main weapon. You have the ability to use light and heavy attacks to combine your combos, as well as a deadly gas grenade to exhaust your enemies. With his ability to deliver blows, it’s safe to say that Tuck is something of a tank in the game. Read the detailed guide below for an in-depth look at the Tuka kit.


Tuck’s ammo is a deadly gas grenade. If you throw a gas grenade, it will be harder for enemies to see you. They also lose endurance the longer they stay in the gas cloud. The gas doesn’t harm your opponent’s health, but if his stamina runs out, he won’t be able to block your attacks. So you can be sure that every move will hit your opponent, even if he tries to block.


Tooke has an instinctive ability that lights up all enemies on screen for you and your teammates, even if they are behind cover. The team members closest to you also get care when you use this skill, making it an important support for your team. It works very well in solo and team play, so you should always rely on this powerful skill.

The line

Tuck has the Breathe trait, which allows him to regenerate his stamina extraordinarily quickly. Stamina plays an important role in combat, and with this useful trait, it will never run out. Allows you to wield a powerful sword at will while your stamina regenerates at an accelerated rate.

Tuck’s best features

Like all the other characters in the game, Tuck has three Perk slots with a variety of Perks to choose from. Based on these perks, you can customize your Tooke build to suit your own play style, but we’ve detailed the three perks we prefer in our build and think are the best perks to use with Tooke.

Perk Slot Description Required level
Pastoral care Lock 1 Pastoral care allows you to go through your own gas and not suffer the negative consequences. In addition, this skill allows Took to emerge faster than normal players and conquer points much more slowly. Level 5
Smothering balm Lock 2 This perk increases the effect of your gas on enemies and depletes their stamina even faster. Level 7
Vampire wand. Lock 3 This skill allows you to suck the health out of enemies with each hit. Each successful hit drains a percentage of your enemy’s health and gives it to you. Level 10

Tips and tricks for playing with Tuck

  • Tooke’s Breath is a passive skill, so you can keep hitting your enemies with your hammer without fear of running out of stamina.
  • Combine gas grenade attacks with hammer blows and your enemies won’t stand a chance against you: The gas grenade takes away their stamina, and the gas grenade kills them within moments.
  • If your own strength is at zero and there are no teammates around, you can heal yourself with the Instinct skill, which also marks all enemies on screen, even if they’re behind cover. This allows you to heal quickly and then go on the offensive, as you now know where all the enemies are.
  • Severe attacks eat up too much stamina. Therefore, try to stick to light attacks for most of the fight and use heavy attacks only during strategic moves. These can be ending moves or the very first move that takes down the opponent and sets him up for a good follow-up combo with your light spear moves.
  • When the vampiric club is active, try swinging your hammer towards the middle of several enemies. Every enemy you hit gives you some health back, so you can use it to tank enemies and regenerate your health while dealing damage.

For more help with Hood : Outlaws & Legends, see the manuals linked below:

This is the end of our hud: Robin Outlaws & Legends Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hood cross play?

With its recent 2.0 update, it appears that the Early Access title Hood has, at long last, become the cross-platform game it promised to be when it debuted back in 2013. It’s a free-to-play MMO that was available on Steam until mid-November, when the developers added a clause to their EULA that prohibited players from playing on other platforms. The developers have since reversed their decision and removed the clause from the EULA, making it possible for players to use their same Steam account to log in to the game on other platforms. Despite the growing popularity of the steam market, it still feels like very few people know about the game “Hood” . This is likely due to the fact that the game is not available on any other platform except steam. Even though the game has been around for several years, it still has a relatively small player base compared to other similar games. Even with a small player base, “Hood” has proven to be a very successful game in the Steam market.

Will Hood outlaws and legends come to PC?

Last month, publisher Sold Out announced that it would bring outlaws and legends to PS4 and Xbox One in spring next year, and that it would also release the game on PC through Steam. As you might remember, the game is a 3D action adventure game with a western theme that was originally released back in 2012. According to the developer, the game is actually based on the true story of outlaws and legends from the wild west, and it features a unique version of the very popular third person shooter genre. I have been playing hood for 4 months, and I found that many people in the hood community want to play hood on PC but it is blocked. You know, hood is a very interesting game. It has some of the most beautiful things in the game and has a history of the world.

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