How to Adjust Screen Size on Xbox One

How to Adjust Screen Size on Xbox One

How to Adjust Screen Size on Xbox One

The first time you pop in your new Xbox One, the screen will be at its default size. However, there are many different ways to adjust this setting so that it is more comfortable for you. If you have never used an Xbox before or just want a refresher on how to do it, then continue reading! 

Adjusting the screen size can be done by going into settings and changing “Display” under “Video Output”. There are also buttons on your controller which enable quick access to adjusting the screen size while playing games or watching videos. Whether you are trying out a new game or want to watch Netflix with friends, make sure everyone has their own preferred viewing experience!

Why Adjust the Screen Size on Your Xbox One?

Screen size is a huge factor in ensuring you have a great viewing experience. Whether you are using your Xbox for gaming, watching movies, or just want to be comfortable while playing your favorite games, this guide will help you find the screen size that works best for you!

In addition to being adjustable from settings, pressing “A” on the controller has been known to adjust the screen size as well. This is a quick and simple way to bring up a slider allowing you to change how big the screen looks without going into any menus. 

Which Screen Size Should I Use On My Xbox One?

One of the most common questions asked by users who have never changed their screen size before is what should I use? There are three different screen sizes to choose from which can be changed by navigating to “Video Output” in your settings menu.

Large is the standard size for Xbox One screens, but if you want a larger or smaller viewing area then you have that option. This is also the best choice for most games, especially when playing with friends. Although it may not be ideal if you are watching Netflix on your own since this would likely cover most of the screen!

Small Screen Size

This is an option if you find yourself squinting at the TV or having difficulty seeing what’s happening on-screen when playing your Xbox One. Another instance where using the small setting may be preferable is while watching Netflix alone so that no one else can see what you are watching!

Cinema Screen Size

This is the highest viewable picture size on the Xbox One, which makes it perfect for people with poor eyesight or anyone who just wants to fully embrace the cinematic experience. It may be overkill for most users since there are other options available but this setting will likely please any film enthusiast. 

If you have never changed your screen sizes before then I would recommend trying out each one to see which one best fits your needs. You can also set different sizes when playing games vs when viewing movies on Netflix after you’ve gotten a feel for them individually. 

If you’re not sure which one works best for you then try downloading a few different movies and gaming titles and seeing which one you like best. 

Bottom Line: The screen size on your Xbox One can easily be adjusted with a few simple steps from the settings menu. Keep in mind that you can adjust both picture width and height depending on what’s most comfortable for viewing!

In addition to this, pressing “A” while playing games brings up a slider that allows quick adjustment of screen size as well! So whether you want a really big TV feel or prefer something more standard, there are multiple ways to go about it! Choose the screen setting which fits your needs best and have fun gaming on your new device 🙂

Steps to Adjust Screen Size on Xbox One

Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” under the guide menu

Step 2: Choose “Display & Sound” from the list on the left

Step 3: Choose “Video Output” from the list on the right

Step 4: Change your screen size using one of the three options listed at the bottom. Press “X” to confirm!

Step 5: Enjoy your new screen size! 

How Each Screen Size Will Look on Your Xbox One Console!

Large- This option will give you a full view of what’s being displayed so it’s best suited for playing games with friends or watching movies. This screen size will also allow you to see the least amount of black bars.

Small- While playing games alone or watching movies with no one else around, this screen size is best since the area covered by the game will be large enough for easy viewing. The downside to using this setting while gaming is that it can make everything else on your TV hard to see if someone walks in front of the screen!

Cinema- If you really like high-definition content but find yourself squinting at what’s showing on your Xbox One then try out this option! It will fit everyone who watches movies with an even larger screen than before, which makes it perfect for people with poor eyesight or anyone who just wants a bigger picture. The only downside is that most TV shows seem a little grainy when played at this size. You won’t notice this while playing games though since most of the screen is covered up by gameplay!

Small Screen Size- This setting is best used when watching Netflix alone so no one else sees what you’re watching! It’s also the most comfortable for people who find themselves squinting at their TV or simply want to fit more on-screen while gaming. 

Cinema Screen Size- If you’ve never changed your screen size before then this may be a good option to try out since it’s the highest viewable picture size on the Xbox One. You can also adjust both height and width with this feature, making it perfect for people with poor eyesight or anyone who wants a full cinematic experience. In general, though there are better options available if you only need something bigger than standard size since many titles will appear grainy in high definition.

Standard- This option is perfect for anyone who finds themselves squinting at their TV and wants a bigger picture! It’s also the most compatible with titles and features on Xbox One. You can always make adjustments to height or width depending on your preferences by using the Cinema setting if needed.

Thank you all for reading this article! I hope that it helped answer any questions you may have had about screen size. If not, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help 🙂 Happy gaming everyone!

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