How to Install Selfless Addon on Kodi

Selfless is a new Kodi addon that aims to provide an alternative to the standard skin. It’s more of a re-implementation of the popular Covenant addon, but with some new features. It’s still in development, so we will keep you updated on any new releases.

Kodi (formerly XBMC), is one of the most powerful home entertainment applications out there. It allows you to play almost any video, music, or game file you could imagine on your device. It’s a full-featured HTPC (Home Theater PC) solution. However, the interface can be a little overwhelming to those who are just getting started.

Selfless is new Addon that offers you to observe free live streams on Kodi. It incorporates Big list, USA channels, 24/7 shows, Video on Demand, WWE Live, Olympic 2018 live, Sports Heaven, UK Channels and lives amusement.

It has a considerable measure of segments and subsections including The Big List, Manual Links, USA, day in and day out Shows, Video on Demand, WWE, Sports Heaven and substantially more. You can make the most of your most loved program by utilizing this Addon. Install this Addon on your Kodi device.

How to Install Selfless Addon on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17 and go to Home Screen
  2. Select Addons and click the Settings button
  3. Enable Unknown Sources
  4. Go to Home and Select Settings button
  5. Click on File Manager
  6. Now click on Add Source
  7. Enter in the top box
  8. Enter BOOKMARK in the bottom box and select OK
  9. Go to Home back and select Addons
  10. Select Addon Browser
  11. Install from zip file
  12. Select BOOKMARK and then
  13. Wait for Add-on enabled notification pop up
  14. Install from repository
  15. Click on Bookmark Repository
  16. Select (Video/Music/Program) addons
  17. Now select Selfless  and click on Install
  18. All done!

How to Install Selfless Addon on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  1. From Home screen go to System and then to File Manager
  2. Click on Add Source
  3. Enter in the top box
  4. Enter BOOKMARK in the bottom box
  5. Click OK
  6. Go Back to the home screen
  7. Select system
  8. Click on Addons
  9. Install from zip
  10. Select BOOKMARK
  11. Select
  12. Wait for notification
  13. Now select Install from repository
  14. Choose Bookmark Repository
  15. Click on (Video/Music/Program) addons
  16. Selfless and then Install

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install selfless on Kodi?

First, you need to download the zip file from the official website. Then, you need to extract the zip file to get the .zip file. Now, you need to open Kodi and go to settings. Then, you need to go to File Manager. Then, you need to go to Add Source. Then, you need to enter the following URL: Then, you need to enter the following name: Selfless Repo Then, you need to select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source” Then, you need to enter the following name: selfless Then, you need to click OK. Now, you need to go back to the home screen and select Add-ons. Then, you need to go to the Add-on Browser. Then, you need to go to Install from Zip File. Then, you need to select the selfless folder. Then, you need to select Now, you need to wait for the Add-on enabled notification.

How do I install selfless Kodi on Leia 18?

To install selfless on Leia 18, follow the instructions below. Open Kodi. Select SYSTEM > File Manager. Select Add Source. Select None. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done. and select Done. Select Enter a name for this media source and type selfless . . Select OK. Go back to your Home Screen. Select SYSTEM > Add-ons. Select Install from zip file. Select selfless. Select Wait for Add-on enabled notification. notification. Select Install from repository. Select Video add-ons. Select Selfless. Select Install. Selfless is now installed and ready to use. To access selfless on Leia 18, go to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Selfless.

How do I watch 2021 on Kodi?

You can watch 2021 on Kodi by installing one of the addons below: Best VPN for Kodi As a Kodi user, you should use a VPN. They will help you stay anonymous online and protect you from hackers. ExpressVPN: The best all-around VPN for Kodi NordVPN: A good, budget-friendly option CyberGhost: A great all-rounder VPN IPVanish: A great choice for Kodi users PrivateVPN: A good choice for Kodi users

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