How to Move Task Manager from Windows/Mac to Another Monitor? (2022)

How to Move Task Manager from Windows/Mac to Another Monitor? (2022)

Multiscreen gaming adds a unique experience to gamers’ games. The game may lag if one of them is active, or it might crash without warning.

Imagine that you’re playing a video game on two screens and suddenly it crashes. How do you proceed? To close the program, you can open the task manager. If the game is locked on the default screen of your computer, you may find it difficult to close the program. Your task manager will remain behind and not appear directly in front. To close the stuck application, move your task manager to another screen.

If you are unsure how to move the task manager from one monitor to the other, you will find keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly get out of the jam.

What can you do to move a task manager from one monitor to another?

There are several ways that you can move your task manager from one monitor to the other, regardless of whether you’re playing games on Windows or Mac computers. Let’s take a look at the options and find out which one is best for us.

Windows Operating Systems Solutions

If your task manager has frozen your game, you can use the following techniques to get it moved to another screen or close the task.

Solutions for Windows Operating Systems

Method 1: Make use of the Windows Snap Keyboard Shortcuts

By pressing the keyboard shortcut, you can close full-screen mode and open Task Manager on Windows 10.

You can do this by using the Snap keyboard shortcuts. You can open the manager by holding Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard. The task manager will appear behind the frozen game.

Simply press the Windows, left/right Arrow keys, together, on your keyboard to exit full-screen mode. The task manager will then be brought to the second screen. Here you can select the game and kill it.

You can easily close an unresponsive app if you only have one monitor.

To exit full-screen mode, press and hold the Windows key and the arrow keys simultaneously. The task manager will then be opened from the taskbar.

Method 2: Make a virtual desktop

To get rid of the frozen screen, you can create virtual desktops. Simply press the Windows+ Tab key at once to open a multitasking window.

It will show you all tabs currently open in your system. From there, you can delete the currently open tabs. If it does not work, click the plus icon to create a new desktop.

Once you have created a virtual desktop, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager. Close the program that is frozen by closing it.

Mac Operating Systems Solutions

Solutions for Mac Operating Systems

The task manager on a Mac computer is also available. However, it uses a different name: the ” Activities Monitor” but has nearly the same functionality as the Windows Task Manager.

Mac users will be able to follow these steps to transfer the Activity Monitor from one screen to the next:

Move your mouse pointer over an inactive screen to open multiple programs on a single monitor and launch the Activity Monitor.

Drag and then move Activity Monitor from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor.

You can close the program by clicking this button.

These methods are likely to work in your system. They will allow you to quickly close the application that has been frozen.

What can you do to prevent unanticipated game crashes?

While you can’t prevent an application or game from collapsing, following these guidelines will reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Learn the system requirements for the game or application

Before you add any game to your computer, ensure that your system meets minimum requirements.

If you wish to play The King of Fighters XV smoothly, then your computer must have at least 8GB RAM and a Core i5 processor. Your PC won’t be capable of providing smooth gaming experiences if it has less than 4GB RAM and no dedicated graphics. It will also crash more often. Before you download a resource-intensive application or game, ensure that the computer has enough RAM to handle the task.

Protect your Operating System from harmful Software

Even if you have the right configuration for your computer, your computer may crash if it tries to run some programs. This is usually due to harmful software. A lot of harmful software can affect your registry keys, making the system unstable and causing a crash.

For stable performance, avoid installing third-party software that is not authorized.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see my RAM?

Simply go to task manager and you can monitor your RAM consumption. You have many options to get to the task manger. To open task manager you can simply click on the taskbar’s right side and select task manager. This will bring up the task manager window.

You can see the RAM usage of your computer by expanding it with “more details” and clicking “more details”. Next, click “Memory” to view how much RAM is left.

Q. Q.

Most likely, your system doesn’t meet minimum requirements for the game or you have a registry problem. You must first identify the issue and then fix it.

If you find that the game you are trying to play is not compatible, you will need to update your system. You can either fix the registry problem with Google or reinstall the opening system if you are certain.

Q. Q. Can I play games on my laptop?

Although laptops should not be used for gaming heavy, they can still be used to play games. You will require a gaming laptop that is specifically designed for high-end games. They need an external GPU and a powerful CPU. An ordinary laptop does not have a dedicated GPU and a fast CPU. You need high-end gaming laptops.

Last words

Multi-monitor gaming is a favorite pastime for gamers all over the globe. It is not uncommon for games to crash on multiple monitors. It is time-saving to know how to stop a stuck process.

We hope you have learned how to transfer the task manager from one monitor to another and saved your time. To enjoy hassle-free multitasking and smooth gaming, make sure you read our article on how to prevent game crashes.

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