In case you don’t know, there is a Official Heroes of the Storm App in China (Also datamined some APIs endpoints)

The mobile app “Storm Elite” has been leaked today. It is a new app in the “Storm” series, following the game “Heroes of the Storm” and a new mobile game “Heroes of the Storm: X”. The mobile app has been leaked by the Chinese official Tencent Store. It is confirmed that the app can be installed, and it’s also been datamined by the community. The assets include new heroes, new skins, new mounts and some new cosmetics. It seems that it’s a data-heavy app, and the developers are currently working on new features.

There is a new app in China called 剑圣神途, which is known as “Heroes of the Storm” in the West. The app has a number of very interesting details, including an upcoming new map, a history section, and a section for hero skins. If you want more proof, here you go: the app’s store has over hundred items, and each and every single one of them has a description in Chinese.

Link to the application

I don’t understand Chinese, so I asked a friend to translate it for me:


(It also seems that if you sign up every day, you get two coins (随身币), but I have no idea what those coins are for, you can also give them to your friends without losing yours, so if you have more friends = more coins for you and your friends. max 20).

News articles about the application:

Translations for the images

  • Request for compliance
    • Hero | Result | Mode | Timestamp | Rating
    • Stitches | Loser | QM, Temple of Heaven | 3 hours ago
    • Chen: Victory (3 shots) QM, Hanamura: 5 hours ago
    • Rag | Victory (2 Streak) | QM, Sky Temple | 5 hours ago
    • Rag | Win | QM, Warhead Junction | 5 hours ago
  • Game details
    • Victory | QM, Tomb of the Spider Queen
    • The story of the heroes: A
    • The team: A
    • A: Combat Time: 78%.
    • A: Heroes Damage: 71432
    • Siege damage 86764
    • B | XP contribution | 20005 (how the hell did Genji get 20k xp)
    • Survival time 95%.
    • S | Gems Paid | 69 (good)
  • MVP
    • The best of the team
    • 16 Killer Lane
    • 3 The road to victory
    • (name of the player)
    • QM/Tomb of the Spider Queen
    • 12K 13A 2D

The following is a bit technical:

So Blizzard is working on an API for heroes, and I was wondering if I could look into Blizzard’s API to see if the architecture is the same as China’s (if they haven’t secured the path yet).

But since it’s a Chinese game, NetEase (who doesn’t have pHoNeS, maybe?) made the API (so I assume it’s different from Blizzard’s).

Also, I didn’t download the APP myself, a quick look at the code revealed that there is so much tracking crap and it even has a feature to use your camera (wtf).

After I, due to lack of skills, reworked the application, some cool API endpoints were discovered:

(There are more when I read the code more closely, but for now these are the ones I can quickly figure out).

Useless things:

Authentication only:

Source: Original link

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© Post In case you didn’t already know, the official Heroes of the Storm game app has arrived in China (some API endpoints have also been scanned).

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