Netflix Only Audio Mode: How To Use It For Android Users

Netflix only provides a video and audio stream for their paid subscribers. However, audio is important, and the lack of an audio stream is a sore point for many users of their service. This post is aimed at Android mobile users, who are in a position to add an audio stream to Netflix.

Netflix recently added a native “Only Audio Mode” to their Android apps, allowing users to choose to only play audio and not have to worry about video playback. I’ve had a few questions regarding this feature, and how it will affect Android users. How does this work? What happens when the app starts to play video content? What should you do if you want to use this feature?

Netflix recently introduced an audio-only mode for users of Android devices. So you can enjoy your favorite programs while keeping your device in your pocket and saving mobile data.

It works exactly the same as listening to the radio. This means actively listening to follow and understand what is going on. Or you can use it as background noise while you’re doing something else.

To take advantage of this feature on your Android device, it must have the latest version of the Netflix app.

Enable audio-only mode on your Android device

There are several ways to enable audio mode in the Netflix app. First of all, you must have an Android device. Audio-only mode is currently being tested on Android devices.

Second: You must have the latest version of the Netflix app installed on your device. This means that you will have to update your application to the latest version before you can use this new feature. You’ll also need to sign up for the beta version of the Netflix app.

If you follow these steps, you may be lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to test this new feature.

If the Netflix app is enabled and the video is playing in full screen mode, check for a Sound Only button above the play button. Press this button to turn on audio-only mode in the Netflix app.

In audio-only mode, Netflix says you can watch shows and movies that aren’t available in your region. You can follow and understand it without a video demonstration. You may not have viewing organs, but you can now unblock Netflix shows through a VPN and listen to your favorite shows. Make sure you get a premium VPN that protects you and gives you easy access to quality entertainment. This allows you to keep an eye on programs that you may not be allowed to watch.

The second way to enable sound only mode on your Android device is also very simple. In your application’s settings, you will see the Audio Only option. When you press the button, an options menu appears, allowing you to activate the Sound Only option.

Options : Always On, Headphones, External Speakers and Off. Activates Sound Only mode and allows you to choose when to use it automatically. You can select one of these options to enable audio-only mode when you open the Netflix app.

You can select the Disable option to continue enjoying Netflix movies or series on your Android device as usual. However, you can easily choose the sound playback mode from the available options.

What happens when you are in Audio-only mode

When Sound Only mode is activated via the on-screen button or via the settings, the screen goes blank. You can hear the show behind the black screen looking at you.

The screen contains the playback keys you need to control playback. Even when only audio is enabled, you can pause, fast forward or rewind your audio video as needed.

When you’re ready to return to your videos, simply turn on the Sound Only button on the screen. Clears the audio only mode and returns to video mode.

Sound Only mode is suitable for programmes such as documentaries, sitcoms and stand-up comedy. You don’t have to follow the video to understand what’s happening. You can laugh at the jokes in your favorite stand-up show without seeing the facial features of the comedian or the audience.

Once the test is complete, you’ll need to install the latest version of the Netflix app to automatically update the feature. It also seems that the feature is currently exclusive to Android devices. After the testing phase, the audio-only feature will likely be extended to other devices.

If you’re re-watching a movie or series, this is the best way to do it. With a new movie, it will be hard to watch it with sound only.


Update the Netflix app on your Android device to take advantage of the new audio-only feature. You can use this mode when the device is in your pocket or when you want to use only the screen of the device.

Netflix podcast. You can make this the default in the Netflix app by selecting Always On in the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep Netflix playing on Android?

Netflix is a streaming service, so it will stop playing when you close the app. To keep Netflix playing on Android, you can use a third-party app like Tasker to create a task that will automatically start Netflix when your phone starts up.

Can I play Netflix in the background on Android?

Yes, you can play Netflix in the background on Android.

What is audio only mode?

Audio only mode is a feature that allows you to listen to your favorite music without disturbing others.

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