RAM Speed Battle: DDR4 3200 vs 3600MHz

RAM Speed Battle: DDR4 3200 vs 3600MHz

Every component on your computer will impact your performance.

Along with choosing the right CPU and GPU, RAM speeds play a crucial role in system performance. DDR4 3200MHz vs. DDR4 3600MHz: Which one is best? The RAM price has dropped to the point that 3600MHz is now only 10% cheaper than 3200MHz. This means that you can get 3600MHz.

The answer to this question is not so easy. This is also the case for your motherboard and CPU. Other related issues need to addressed such as RAM/memory speeds and whether they even matter. Are there significant differences? We will be setting benchmarks for the PC community and answering these frequently asked questions.

RAM: What you need to know

What You Need to Know About RAM

You’ve likely heard random-access memory (or “memory module”), whether you are new to building PCs or an experienced PC builder. Why are we bringing it up? RAM has many underrated aspects that are well worth looking into. These factors will allow you to decide whether more RAM equals greater performance.

Let’s get started without further delay.

Dual Channel Memory

If you aren’t a PC enthusiast or professional, we’re sure you haven’t heard of this product before. It’s perfectly fine. Dual-channel memory is, as the name implies, a computer that uses two channels for data transfer between its CPU and its ram.

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Let’s say you have a large water tank. To get water from your tank, you drill a hole. It all seems fine, right? Let’s say you needed to drink twice the water. The next step would be to drill another hole, and then install another tap. Two taps would be faster than one for water tank. This is how dual-channel memory works.

Dual-channel memory is only compatible with compatible motherboards and RAM sticks that are similar. Two sticks with the same speed are required, such as two 3200MHz RAM and two 3600MHz RAM. It doesn’t matter what speed each stick runs at, but it is important that they run in the same time and have identical timings. It’s possible you are wondering “What is the timing?”

Memory timings and latency

The RAM frequency, measured in megahertz or MHz, is not the only factor that affects computer performance. The CAS latency, or the memory timings are equally important.

CAS latency, unlike MHz which is advertised in bold and large fonts by manufacturers, is written often in smaller fonts. That seems weird, and the random number you see on the back of your RAM-CL16-18-18-20–is the CAS latency. The CAS latency is the speed at which your RAM can access data before operations start. This is the time delay between operations. Your CAS latency number is usually the first. This number is often 14-16, 18, 18 or 20, but it can be any of these numbers. It is often 14, 16, 18, or 20.

A low CAS latency allows for fast access to the clock cycles. Look at the CAS latency numbers next time you are looking for a fast 3600MHz or 4000MHz frequency ram frequency.

We recommend using two memory cards with the same CL rating to ensure greater compatibility. You can certainly mix RAMs. LinusTechTips provides a video about it. However, it is always safer to be safe.

DDR4 3200MHz Vs. DDR43600MHz: Which Is Best?

You want to increase your RAM. You can find a variety of RAM speeds by visiting your local hardware shop or looking online. We will only focus on the 3200MHz and 3600MHz RAM speeds as these are most in demand for 2022 and offer the best value.

The question is: Which one do you choose? The price difference between 3200 & 3600 may be small or large depending on your location. If the price difference is significant, what should you do? Do you want to spend more money on 3600MHz RAM, or stick with 3200MHz?

DDR4 3200 MHz Vs. 3600 MHz Which One Is Better

These questions require us to establish separate productivity and gaming benchmarks in order to answer them. To see whether there is a difference in hardcore gaming, we will also be considering 2666MHz. We won’t have to decide which is the best, because it’s up to you.

Gaming Benchmarks

We have benchmarked RAM modules using Ryzen 5 3600 for gaming. If you are concerned about RAM frequency, you should probably use Ryzen CPUs. AMD does not list the 3600MHz speed on Ryzen 5 3600’s official website, but it is possible to run it at that speed. We are using this CPU due to its fast clock speed.


This is why the first title in esports right now is so popular. We’re talking about CSGO. This game has an average frame rate of 460 on 3600MHz RAM, 442 at 3200MHz and 390 at 2666MHz. It’s easy to see why. From the beginning, 3600 MHz has been leading the charge.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is next. You can expect to see 116 frames per second on 3600MHz, 112 on 3200MHz and 105 on 2666MHz. These are the average frames per second. It’s not a campaign game for single players so you don’t get the extra 4 frames per second on 3600MHz. However, a win is still a win.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

We now have Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It is quite a demanding game. It achieves 117 frames per second on 3600MHz, 112 on 3200MHz and 103 on 2666MHz. Do you see a pattern here?

We see the gap in fps between 3600 and 3200 getting more difficult the harder the game is. This game is so simple that you probably won’t notice any difference. It is impossible to tell the difference between 117 and 112 frames per second with your naked eyes.

Witcher 3

The legendary Witcher 3 is a must-have for any gaming benchmark. We were surprised by the difference in fps between 3200 MHz, 2666 MHz, and 3200 MHz. The difference between 2666, 3200, and 3600 MHz should be only 2-3 frames per second. This isn’t too noticeable. It should be obvious that not all games use RAM/memory speeds as much.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn, Playstation’s smash hit game is the perfect way to close the gap between 3200MHz and 3600MHz. On both 3200MHz and 3600MHz, you’ll see an average speed of 168 FPS.

Even though we are talking about a 1 % reduction in fps they remain the same at 109 fps for 3200 MHz, and 108 on 3600MHz. This is also true for Division 2. It doesn’t matter.

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion changes things a little. With PBO on and 1080p High, you can get 114 FPS on 3200MHz and 117 on 3600MHz. You get 1% less fps and you can achieve 87 fps at 3200 MHz, and 92 on 3600MHz.

Although 3600 MHz is slightly faster, the difference in performance is not significant. Remember that the 3200MHz and 3600MHz both have CL16 CAS latency.

Gaming Benchmark Summary

Here’s the breakdown of seven games average fps. This chart is one of the least impressive we have ever seen. You get an average speed of 3200 MHz which is 192 fps. On 3600 MHz you get 194 fps. Even more frustrating is the 1% difference in fps, since they both offer 128 FPS.

These benchmarks were performed on AMD CPUs. This CPUs may reap the benefits of higher RAM speeds. Gaming is not affected by higher RAM speeds.

Perhaps you are wondering what Intel CPUs we did not include? Your gaming computer won’t run faster than 2666MHz unless you have an Intel 12th-gen setup. Both 3200 MHz and 3600MHz RAMs will not work.

Let’s get back to the point. The difference will not be noticeable if your game is very challenging like Valhalla or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Only low-demand esports games like CSGO or Valorant will give you a noticeable performance boost.

In competitive esports, every frame is important. Ask yourself which type of games you are looking to play in competitive esports. Are they single-player AAA campaign or multiplayer games? You don’t require that much RAM if it is the first, but you do not need 3200 MHz. Get 3600MHz RAM to enjoy smooth gaming.

Benchmarks for Productivity

Productivity Benchmarks

Let’s use the same system for gaming benchmarks to start productivity benchmarks. However, we will also include daily apps. First, we will use the CPU-Z test. We have again included 2666MHz to show you the difference.


You can get multicore scores of 10,845 at 2666 MHz and 11,024 at 3200 MHz. 11,200 has 3600 MHz. From the beginning, we have an obvious winner. It is easy to see the single-core performance, with 534 at 3600 MHz and 527 at 3200 MHz respectively, and 520 at 2666 MHz.

3Dmark Timespy

As we continue to test 3Dmark Timespy, another CPU-bound application named 3Dmark Timespy, the 3600MHz speed still dominates. The 3600 MHz speeds score 13,858, while the 3200MHz scores 13,520. This represents a significant increase in performance.

Cinebench R15 and R20

Cinebench R15 did not give us any performance gains. DDR4 3600MHz was rated 4,070 and DDR4 3200MHz 4,003. Although technically you are getting a score of 67 more, most people won’t notice the difference. Similar results were also obtained using the Cinebench R20.


Let’s now get to the real work with Blender. Ryzen will see a rise in productivity if it has higher speeds. Blender rendered in an astonishing 14.51 seconds at 3600MHz, while 3200MHz was completed in 15.52 seconds.

Although a one-second difference may not be significant, it will make a huge difference in rendering video files of hundreds of gigabytes.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve produced similar results, as the 3600MHz RAM continues to be the dominant benchmark. The 3600MHz RAM took only 256 seconds to export a 4k H.264 file, while 3200MHz took just 270 seconds. You’ll experience a 5% increase in performance from 3200MHz to 3600MHz. This means that you can edit video more fluidly.

Comparison of Productivity Benchmarks

These benchmarks are not false. The results are clear. Ryzen CPUs will run better on 3600MHz RAM speeds than 3200MHz RAM speeds. With a 3600MHz RAM speed, your Ryzen CPU will run to its maximum limit using a 1:1 infinity fabric-to-DRAM ratio.

As we have said, higher-frequency RAM is not important with Intel chips except if it’s the 12th generation. We don’t talk about Intel so much.

It all comes down to price. In the United States 3200MHz RAM and 3600MHz RAM are almost the same. The 3600MHz RAM is recommended if this is the case. If the gap in price is greater, however, then 3200MHz RAM will also be an excellent choice.

DDR4 3200 MHz Vs. 3600 MHz: Ryzen APU Gaming

We have used external GPUs for all of our benchmarks and tests. We know GPUs these days are like Atlantis’ lost city. If you are able to summon the power of Gods, you can get one. AMD Ryzen, a company that makes GPUs available to everyone, has created the APU.

DDR4 3200 MHz Vs. 3600 MHz Ryzen APU Gaming

Although internal GPUs are a well-known technology, Ryzen has changed things. The APUs and internal GPUs can run AAA games at playable frames per second. Sometimes they are even more powerful than external GPUs. Shocking, isn’t it?

A faster CPU speed and higher RAM frequency will affect APU performance. Let’s not just talk about clock speed, but let’s also examine how RAM frequency impacts APU performance.

Global Offensive Counter-Strike

All the benchmarks are done on Ryzen 7 5700G with no external GPU. CGO is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. On 1080p mode settings, you can expect to get 103 frames per second with a 3600MHz memory module. You will also see 93 frames per second with 3200MHz at 3200MHz. There is already a difference of 10 frames per second, which you will see if you are playing online shooters.

Even better, the 1% lows offer 93 fps at 3600 MHz while only 24 fps at 3200 MHz. This round, 3600MHz clearly wins. The gap will close if the high is 1080p. The same results are achieved on 3000, 3200, and 3600MHz. Playing it at low or medium is best.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s impossible to do a benchmark gaming without testing some of Playstations most popular games, is it? Horizon Zero Dawn will give you 40 frames per second on 3600MHz, and 33 on 3200MHz. It doesn’t sound like much, does it? We can assure you that the extra 7 frames will provide a more smooth gaming experience than 33.

You get even higher output with the 1% low results. 33 fps at 3600 MHz, 26 fps at 3200 MHz. We think 26 frames per second is too slow to be playable. The camera will be slow and laggy when it is moving. In these circumstances, 33 FPS is normal. Another win for 3600MHz.

Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 disappointed us because we did not get the results that were expected. You won’t see any differences between 3000MHz, 3200MHz and 3600MHz unless you have 2666MHz RAM. Performance doesn’t appear to be affected by even 4000 MHz.

Average fps are 27 on 3200MHz, and 29 on 3600MHz. The results for the low 1% are comparable, with 24 fps at 3200 MHz and 26 on 3600. Although technically 3600 MHz was the winner again, it is not something to celebrate.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Let’s go back to online competitive shooters, shall we? Rainbow Six Siege (or R6S) is one of the top online games. At 1080p, the average frame rate is around 85 at 3200 MHz or 95 at 3600 MHz. This is a jump of 10 frames per second, which we think is quite impressive. Let’s say your enemy has 3200 MHz while you have 3600 MHz. This 10 fps increase will allow you to grab the round and win.

3Dmrk Timespy & Cinebench R23

It’s impossible to end benchmarks with out doing productivity tests. A 3Dmark Timespy4K extreme test will give you a graphics score 591 at 3200 MHz, and 642 at 3600 MHz. The CPU scores will be the same no matter what speed is used, so that’s to be expected.

Cinebench R23 will give you a score between 10666 and 3200 MHz RAM. A score of 3600 MHz RAM gives you a score like 10783. A third win with 3600MHz RAM. Blender was not included because it doesn’t consider RAM frequency in Blender.

Please note, once again that these tests were performed on Ryzen5 5600G.

Is a higher frequency RAM better?

Does Higher Frequency RAM Mean More Performance

You’re likely thinking about getting 3600MHz RAM after seeing the high-performance benchmarks. Wait a minute. But what if the RAM you purchase is 3600MHz? The gaming experience will still be the same. Higher RAM frequency doesn’t necessarily mean better performance.

This is where memory capacity plays an important role. Imagine that you are playing an AAA game like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It takes 7.4GB RAM. Background processes, Windows use and other activities are not included. This means that you will need at least 12GB RAM to play this game correctly.

What will the speed of a 8GB RAM 3600MHz increase? This is not a pertinent question, as the game will stop running properly if it has 8GB RAM. A higher speed RAM will not matter in this case. However, larger memory capacities will.

If you have large amounts of memory, you will be able to get excellent performance with 3600MHz RAM. Before you decide between DDR4 3200MHz or 3600MHz RAM, ensure you have the correct components.

Three Things to Consider Before You Buy a RAM with High Frequency.

There are three important things to do before you make a purchase, regardless of whether you want a 3200MHz RAM OR a 3600MHz RAM. It is not worth going through all the steps of ordering and delivery to find that your computer won’t start because it has RAM. We know this because we have seen it happen many times.

Compatibility with the CPU

Be sure to check if your processor is compatible with any RAM that you’re considering ordering. You can quickly search Google using the model of your CPU to determine compatibility.

You shouldn’t get high-frequency RAM if your Intel Core i3 10100, or i5 10400 CPU, because they only have 2666 MHz speeds.

If you own a Ryzen Zen2 CPU or greater, then you will be able to buy RAM at 3200 or 3600MHz. Ryzen CPUs are capable of supporting these fast RAMs.

RAM already in use

You must ensure that RAM on the same computer is compatible. Many tech professionals have confirmed that RAM can be safely mixed. There is always the possibility of system crashes. How can you test your RAM?

Make sure that both RAMs are the same voltage and have the exact same CAS latency. Your motherboard will take care of the frequency. Check the voltage and timings in your motherboard BIOS. Take down the numbers and look for RAM that is similar. You will also want more speed in dual-channel mode so make sure you get RAM with the same capacity.

Compatible Chipsets

You must ensure that your chipsets are compatible. Compatibility is first and foremost determined by the size of the stick. A DDR3 RAM cannot be physically fitted on top of a DDR4 RAM slots. Second, even though you can somehow fit DDR3 RAM on a DDR4 RAM slot, incompatible chipsets will mean that the motherboard may not recognize it. Make sure that you get the correct RAM for your system.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to speed up my game loading times by using high-frequency RAM?

It doesn’t matter if you have 3200MHz RAM or 3600MHz RAM. This is dependent on how much storage space you have. You want a quick loading speed? Choose a SATA SSD or M.2 SSD.

I bought a RAM 3600MHz. What is the reason it runs at such a slower speed?

Your 3600MHz RAM may not be running at the advertised speed. This could either be because your CPU isn’t compatible or your RAM’s current speed. It doesn’t matter if it is the first. The higher-frequency RAM will be matched by the motherboard, so your motherboard will continue to drag it down.

My CPU Supports 3600 MHz RAM. What is the reason it doesn’t run at the Rated Speed? You can run the 3600 MHz speed at 3600 MHz by turning on the XMP profile in your motherboard’s BIOS images5##

Can I Run 4GB 32000 MHz RAM And 8GB 3600 MHz On Dual Channel Mode?

You can mix up to 4GB 3200MHz RAM with 8GB 3600MHz RAM in dual channel mode. Dual channel mode will only work with 4GB of the 8GB sticks. Rest of the 4GB can be used in single channel mode.

Is there a way to increase my system’s performance with more RAM?

Yes, RAM can increase the performance of your computer if you are a graphic designer or video editor who uses heavy software.

Last words

DDR4 3200 vs. 3600 MHz? You’re probably already familiar with the answer. This was an extensive read. Here’s a summary to help you recall some details.

You shouldn’t go for 3600MHz if you already have an Intel processor. If you own an AMD Ryzen processor, such as a Ryzen APU 5600G or 5700G with a 5600G or 5700G Ryzen APU, then 3600MHz RAM is the best choice.

A 3600MHz processor will provide smoother and more stable gaming as well as a better productivity experience. However, it may cost you way more than the 3200MHz RAM. It all comes down to cost. You can do the math and check different brands to find the best one.

Which MHz RAM speed is the fastest?

G. SKILL holds now the record for system memory speed DDR5-8704, capturing it from HyperX DDR4-7200. Nov 5, 2021

What is the best DDR4 RAM processor at 3200 Mhz?

16GB will suffice unless you are serious about futureproofing or productivity. DDR4 RAM should run at least 3,200 MHz on Intel chips, and around 3,600 MHz on AMD’s most recent offerings. You should have enough bandwidth to allow your CPU to perform gaming or work-related tasks. June 16, 2022

What is the speed of 3200MHz RAM?

RAM Type Speed ——– ——— DR4 2133 2366 19.2 GB/s 2666 22.3% GB/s3200 25.6GB/s

Which Ram is better 3200 RAM or 3600 RAM?

It would be better to choose 3200MHz CL14 RAM over 3600MHz Cl16. Ryzen likes fast RAM but only up to a certain point. Oct 24, 2019,

How many MHz is enough for DDR4 RAM?

DDR4 RAM should run at least 3,200MHz on Intel chips, and around 3,600MHz on AMD’s most recent offerings. You should have enough bandwidth to allow your CPU to perform gaming or work-related tasks. June 16, 2022

What is the difference in 3000MHz and 3600MHz RAM?

Although CL19 may seem high for 3600Mhz RAM, it is not a problem other than the latency penalty. 3600Mhz has more bandwidth than 3000Mhz. It doesn’t really make a difference to Intel systems, except for a few FPS when playing games. June 28, 2021

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