The Main Topics for Coursework or a Thesis Statement in Artificial Intelligence

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While some artificial intelligence research topics are more pressing, such as automated speech recognition and music recognition, there are less pressing topics, such as emotional intelligence, computer ethics, and machine learning.

There is a lot of talk about the future of artificial intelligence (AI), and what opportunities it will create. So what would happen if artificial intelligence were to overtake human intelligence? I think it is time for us to examine all the possibilities.

From machine learning and the Internet of Things to robotics and natural language processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world.

To learn more about AI and how it will effect the future, further research is required. 

In many industries, AI-powered machines are expected to replace people, with the ramifications still unknown.

If you’re a student looking for a topic for your thesis that involves artificial intelligence, you have a lot of options. is the source of this image.

Thesis Topic: Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence allows computers to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance without the need for human intervention.

To begin with, machines require high-quality data. They are educated by constructing machine learning models based on data and other techniques.

The algorithms are determined by the data type and the tasks that need to be automated. 

Discussing wearable devices could be a topic for your research. They are becoming increasingly popular and are powered by machine learning.

You may talk about how they’re important in industries like health and insurance, as well as how they can help people better their daily routines and live a healthier lifestyle.  

Thesis Topic: Deep Learning (DL)

Deep Learning is a subtype of machine learning in which learning is modeled after the inner workings of the human brain. It makes judgments and processes data using artificial neural networks.

Traditional linear algorithms are outperformed by web-like networks because they employ a non-linear approach to data processing.  

An artificial neural network is something like Google’s RankBrain.

Many AI applications, such as object identification, playing computer games, managing self-driving cars, and language translation, are powered by deep learning.

Deep learning and its different applications may be discussed as a study topic. 

Thesis Topic: Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Reinforcement learning is the most similar method of learning to how humans learn. Students, for example, learn from their mistakes and via trial and error.

AI-powered tutors, personalised learning, and smart content are just a few examples of how AI might be used in education to benefit students.

The theory behind RL is similar to that of trial-and-error learning. In 2017, Google’s AlphaGo algorithm used RL to defeat the world champion in Go. 

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Thesis Topic: Natural language processing (NLP)

This branch of artificial intelligence is concerned with how machines may learn to identify and comprehend human speech. NLP covers a wide range of topics, including speech recognition, natural language translation, and natural language production.

Systems can even read sentiment and forecast which sections of the phrase are essential with the help of NLP. The relevance of NLP in people’s daily lives is demonstrated by revolutionary tools like IBM Watson, Google Translate, Speech Recognition, and sentiment analysis. 

NLP assists in the development of intelligent systems, such as customer service applications such as chatbots, and AI in education is another wonderful example.

NLP and machine learning are used by chatbots to communicate with customers and answer their questions. Chatbots and their interactions with people could be the subject of your research.

Thesis Topic: Computer Vision (CV)

Every day, millions of photographs are uploaded to the internet. Computers are excellent at some things, but they struggle with others, such as recognizing and identifying objects.

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that enables systems to interpret and comprehend images. In some tasks, such as identifying visual objects, CV systems can currently even beat humans.  

Computer vision is used in autonomous cars that must interpret photographs of their surroundings in order to maneuver.

Discussing computer vision and how it is used to build smart systems could be a study topic. Then, computer vision applications may be presented.  

Thesis Topic: Recommender Systems (RS)

Algorithms are used by recommender systems to provide users with suitable suggestions. These could be recommendations for a television show, a product, a service, or even a date.

After you search for a specific product or browse a list of favorite movies, you will obtain numerous recommendations. RS can make recommendations based on your prior behavior and preferences, as well as trends and your peers’ interests. 

Exploring the use of recommender systems in the sphere of e-commerce would be a really interesting topic. Currently, industry giants such as Amazon use recommender systems to assist customers in finding the proper products or services.

You might talk about how they’re implemented and what kind of benefits they produce for ecommerce businesses. 

Thesis Topics in Robotics

Thanks to artificial intelligence, robots can act and behave like humans. In controlled surroundings, they may act intelligently, solve issues, and learn.

Kismet, for example, is a social interaction robot created by MIT’s AI department that can recognize and interact with humans. 

Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the way organizations operate. Some worry that when humans are replaced by AI-powered robots, this will have a negative impact on humanity.

A research topic could be to determine how AI-powered computers will affect organizations and to assess their future in various industries.


In various fields of AI, the quantity of research papers being published is increasing. There are several extremely significant sub-topics to choose from if you’re a student looking for a topic for your thesis that involves artificial intelligence.

As computers become more intelligent, each of these sub-topics offers plenty of chances for important AI research and new ideas on how to apply it in the future. 

Artificial Intelligence is the study of how computers can mimic human intelligence. It is a vast field that has been explored in a variety of ways. Today, it is more than just computer learning programs, but also includes the analysis of human intelligence itself. This essay will explore the different ways in which artificial intelligence may be used in the future.. Read more about artificial intelligence research topics 2020 and let us know what you think.

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