There are 4 sticks of RAM vs 2. Which one should you choose?

There are 4 sticks of RAM vs 2. Which one should you choose?

Are you able to afford a computer upgrade? Are you ready to finally get that long-awaited upgrade so it can run the most recent games?

You must answer yes if you plan to improve your system’s performance. This could be done by swapping single-channel RAM sticks for dual-channel, quad-channel, or even more modules.

However, will increasing RAM from just one to two sticks to four make performance improvements? Not necessarily. It can sometimes deliver better performance than the 2-stick, and other times it may be less effective.

This article will cover the differences between RAM sticks 2 and 4. Let’s get started.

Two sticks of RAM

DDR4 3200 MHz Vs. 3600 MHz Which One Is Better

Both old and new computers have two-stick RAM configurations. Every motherboard is designed to handle dual-channel memory module. Dual-channel models can increase the memory bandwidth by up to double that of single rank memory sticks.

If your motherboard supports dual-channel memory slots, you can install RAM with the two-stick configuration.

Benefits of two RAM sticks

These are the benefits of dual-channel RAM sticks. You may want to give dual rank RAM channels a try.

Dual-Rank RAM channels transfer data with more bandwidth

Dual memory setups with two memory sticks allow your CPU to directly access the RAM/RAM cards. Data can be transmitted to the computer at high speeds because the CPU is able to connect simultaneously with both of them.

Dual-Rank RAM Channels Transfer Data with More Bandwidth

High bandwidth will always be a welcome addition to your computer’s overall performance. The performance increase from two RAM sticks may not be the same as the four or quad-stick configurations.

Two-Channel RAM configurations are compatible with most computers

Four-stick RAM configurations are possible on high-end motherboards. However, two-stick configurations are more prevalent.

Most computers can support two-channel arrangement. This means that you do not need to modify or retro-fix your computer. The RAM sticks can be purchased and fitted into the dual-channel motherboard. The two-stick RAM configuration is the best option for everyone.

These RAM configurations are more affordable than the 4-Stick variants

Dual memory channels allow you to control fewer RAM sticks, making it easier to use a memory controller to set them up. They are also less expensive because they are more common. Nowadays, most motherboards have a dual channel mode.

It also requires two RAM sticks instead of four. It is half the price of more complicated four-stick upgrades to upgrade to dual channels.

The Aesthetic Purpose

Dual-channel RAM configurations look better in a visual and aesthetic sense than single-stick models. You can imagine putting a single RAM stick into a dual channel motherboard. It will look great in there. It won’t.

The disadvantages of RAM sticks 2

The 5wo-stick configuration has no disadvantages. The CPU receives a boost in performance with this system, which makes use of two memory channels.

One issue to be aware of is the slower speed with dual-channel memory sticks than quad-channel RAM slots.

Although the four-stick system performs faster than the two slot system, if your CPU has only two memory slots you might not see much performance improvement with a four stick configuration.

Four sticks of RAM

DDR4 3200 Vs 3600 MHz

Let’s take a closer look at this four-stick configuration. This configuration is exactly what you would expect: instead of two RAM sticks, four are used.

The CPU can have more bandwidth, so it is possible to increase performance by adding two RAM sticks.

Each RAM works independently with its ports. This configuration requires that your CPU can support quad-channel. Quad-channel is not supported by the CPU. It will continue to work with the two RAM sticks it has, while the two remaining will be unused.

For gaming computers, the best configuration for RAM is a four-stick configuration. A high-end motherboard can support a quad channel configuration.

Benefits of four-stick configurations

These are the top benefits of four RAM sticks for your computer. You must support quad-channel. Otherwise, your computer will not work!

There is more bandwidth than dual-channel mode

Four sticks of RAM offer the first advantage: bandwidth. You will be able to double your bandwidth with four RAM sticks if you are paying attention.

More Bandwidth than Dual-Channel Mode

The CPU can run more demanding applications and software with a lower performance by having the bandwidth it needs.

Four-stick RAM configurations can include four-stick configurations such as 4 X 8GB RAM or 4 X 4GB RAM. To fully harness the four-stick power, both your CPU and motherboard must support quad channel.

More memory controller than dual-rank memory

A computer can have large amounts of RAM and still run an application efficiently. If the RAM bandwidth becomes too small, this can happen.

A four-stick configuration gives you more bandwidth and results in higher data transfer rates. This can translate into a huge boost to your computer’s performance.

This extra power allows you to do more and will allow your computer to run smoothly.


The four-stick configuration is just as attractive as the memory sticks. These modules are far more attractive than the single- or dual-channel versions.

For a second, think about this. It would be better to have two RAM slots empty if you had a powerful gaming computer that has many RGBs, and is transparent. It’s not.

To complete the aesthetic of your gaming computer motherboard, it is better to place all four RAM sticks into all four slots. If aesthetics are not what you desire, then two RAM sticks may be sufficient. It is a waste to put only two RAM sticks into a quad-channel motherboard.

High-End Games

You may upgrade your RAM to four sticks so that you can get better performance running high-end gaming programs. Gaming PCs with powerful GPU and RAM configurations of four sticks can deliver more than desired performance.

If your computer doesn’t have a GPU it may still run top-quality games. The GPU is not available in your computer’s memory channel.

The disadvantages of four RAM sticks

A four-stick RAM configuration can be powerful but there are also some drawbacks.

The biggest problem with the four-stick RAM configuration is its inability to work with high-end processors and motherboards with quad-channel support. The four-stick configuration won’t work if it doesn’t. The two RAM sticks that aren’t functional will be there.

Complex configuration

It is difficult to set up a four-stick RAM configuration. It may seem easy to think that you can buy four identical sticks with the same frequency or memory bandwidth, and then just install them on your motherboard.

This is the way it should be done. But, remember you have an incredible RAM capacity and increased bandwidth.

When installing four RAM sticks, there are many other parts of your computer you should consider. The four-stick setup must be compatible with components such as the motherboard, CPU and GPU.

Performance boost depends on your GPU and CPU

CPU 3060 Ti

Apart from the many other drawbacks, the best way to increase your PC’s performance is by adding four RAM sticks.

The GPU and CPU are key components to the 4-channel RAM configuration’s performance increase. This is the main rule.

The four RAM sticks won’t play an important role in speeding up performance if the GPU is less powerful than the CPU. It will only require two memory channels to function smoothly.

However, it is a good idea to have four sticks of RAM if you are experiencing a slower CPU than the GPU. The additional RAM will give the CPU more bandwidth and allow it to run faster in order to keep pace with the GPU.

Four RAM sticks can be used in these settings to increase FPS.

Our Verdict

We have now concluded the discussion about which RAM stick is better: 2 sticks or 4? The answer to this question depends upon many factors such as the GPU capacity and CPU capacities, your motherboard memory channel, CPU memory channel, and CPU memory channel.

If your GPU is less powerful than your CPU and your bandwidth requirements are low, you can settle for 2 sticks RAM. If you require high bandwidth, and your GPU outperforms your CPU, then you can opt for four sticks.

Do you think it is better to have RAM with 2 sticks or 4?

RAM sticks of 2 sticks are usually less costly than those with 4 sticks. With fewer RAM sticks, it is easier to achieve higher memory speeds with lower CAS latency. Quad Channel support can be a problem, but dual channel support is possible. If you require more RAM, you can always add Modules later (read this first).

Are 4 RAM sticks 4GB or 8GB better?

Performance will not be affected. Nov 3, 2013,

Do you think it is better to keep multiple RAM sticks?

This will ensure that the sub-system is reliable when it’s subject to greater loads. Installing four sticks with 2GB RAM will eventually prove to be more efficient than two sticks with 4GB RAM, or one 8GB RAM module. May 22, 2018,

Are 4 RAM sticks 4gb or 8?

Performance will not be affected. Nov 3, 2013,

Are you able to have two sticks with 4GB RAM and two 8GB RAM?

I can answer your question, however. My 12GB (2×4 and 4×2) are both mys. May 24, 2014

Can you put 8GB RAM and 4GB RAM together?

You can’t mix RAM sizes or RAM brands. Most computers or laptops have at least two RAM stick slots. Modern motherboards have four RAM slots. It is a common misconception that different RAM sizes cannot be used together, or that RAM brands cannot be mixed. June 11, 2022

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