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The OTK (One Turn Kill) is a very powerful strategy in Yu-Gi-Oh! that is almost impossible to beat with a single card. It is also extremely foolhardy to use outside of a sanctioned tournament setting, since your opponent can use any card in his or her deck to make sure the OTK fails.

In this article, I will be ranking the best OTK cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. In a card game, OTK (One Turn Kill) is a play that allows you to win the game within one turn. I will be focusing on the best OTK cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! that can easily be pulled off in a Duel. I will be ranking the cards based on their power, consistency and the ease with which they can be pulled off.

This is a standard tactic in Yu-Gi-Oh! where you “Overrule” an opponent’s monster and use it to attack. While this isn’t the most effective strategy, there are several offensive cards that can be used for OTKs with the right timing.

Let’s face it:

It is very unpleasant to get killed in Yu-Gi-Oh!

But with this list, we don’t care about feelings.

Here we look at some of the best OTK cards in the entire game. Some are banned, but others can still be used.

So if you want to make sure only your opponent gets an OTK, I’ll make sure!

10. Exodia Forbidden

We can’t talk about OTK without mentioning the most famous one, which is even in the official Yu-Gi-Oh! rules.

If you don’t know how the OTK works:

If at any time the duelist has all 5 pieces of Exodia The Forbidden in his hand, he automatically wins the duel.

This is very difficult to achieve, as many of the best draw cards in the game are banned and each Exodia coin is limited to one Exodia coin.

But it’s still a legitimate victory condition, and has been since day one.

9. Last revolution

This card is low on our list because it reduces the duel to a game of chance.

Anyway, if you want to see the most absurd map in Yu-Gi-Oh, this is probably it.

Last Turn is a forbidden trap card that can only be activated when your life points are below 1000.

You choose a monster on your side of the field, and all other cards in the game go to the graveyard. Then your opponent summons a monster from his deck.

And the monster that wins the battle decides the outcome of the battle.

It could be your opponent’s CTA, but there’s a reason there’s never been another card like it.

8. Gren Madju Da Eisa

A monster of three. A level that can have over 8000ATK seems pretty ridiculous, right?

Well, it’s real, it’s unlimited, and it’s strong enough to be competitive.

Gren Maju Da Eiza has an effect that gives him an additional 400 ATK/DEF for each card in your exiled deck.

That doesn’t seem like much.

But with cards like Gizmek Orochi, which can discard 8 cards at once, Pot of Desires, which can discard 10, and Glutton of Millions, which can discard 15, it’s very easy for this monster to have enough ATK to win a duel in one move.

7. Magical explosion

If fire damage is your favorite OTK style, this card is worth checking out.

The Magic Explosion is not currently on the banned list.

But the game of chicken, the card that allowed OTK to be used all the time is.

Magic Blast deals 200 damage for each spell in your graveyard.

In conjunction with the chicken game, you can use it to lower your health and then use the life equalizer, which can bring both players’ health back up to 3000.

And you only need 15 graveyard spells to kill.

If your deck is built on this strategy, it’s surprisingly easy to execute.

6. Typed out whisper box

Cybers are a popular card type, and it includes some very strong archetypes like Salamangreat.

If you use a Cyberse deck yourself, you have a strong and legal OTK at your disposal.

Transcode Talker is Link-3 and has an easy OTK combo when called with Update Jammer as hardware.

Any monster that uses Update Jammer as material can attack twice, and Transcode Talker can also bring Update Jammer back from the graveyard, giving both an additional 500 ATK.

Transcode Talker attacks twice for 2800 LP, and Update Jammer attacks twice for 2500 LP, for a total of 8100 LP of damage!

Is it complicated? Yes, of course.

But once you know this technique, you’ll be able to perform OTKs with frightening regularity.

5. Samsara Lotus

There are a few cards that this particularly nasty OTK combo works with.

But it was the Lotus Samsara that was banished for this!

The part we’re interested in is the effect of the Lotus or Samsara, which you can specifically summon during the end phase, when you have no spells or traps under control.

With a topological combination of Dragon Bomber, Black Cat Star, and Unicorn Knightmare, you can destroy Samsara Lotus by activating its effect so that it returns again and again.

And every time you do, Trickstar Black Catbat causes 200 burns.

For 40 cycles of this effect – 8000 damage.

And it wasn’t just OTK, it could have been the FTC.

4. Yata-Garasu

This card was so successful that it landed on the very first North American TCG/Ban List and has remained there ever since!

Yata-Garasu is the main map of the infamous Yata-Lok strategy.

This card only has 200 ATK/100 DEF, but if it deals combat damage, your opponent misses the next draw phase.

This card also returns to your hand during the Ending Phase.

The strategy is to play cards to clear the field and your opponent’s hand, and then attack Yata-Garasu.

Your opponent misses the draw phase and thus has no cards yet, his turn ends, then you summon Yata-Garasu and keep attacking him until you win.

3. Spare part

This card is one of the few OTK/FTK strategies that uses the top card lower in this list…..

But this one is known as the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Cup – and just after that it was banned.

You need Substitoad, Ronintoadin and Mass Driver or Cannon Soldier (they will appear in our rankings!) to make this OTK work!

Substitoad lets you sacrifice a monster to summon a frog from your deck. You can repeat this until your graveyard is full of frogs.

In the graveyard, Ronintoadin can banish a frog for a special summon – and you can use it as ammo for a Cannon Soldier/Mass Driver.

You can keep doing this cycle until the duel is won or until your opponent leaves.

2. Fusilier soldier

When you go to the dark side of Yu-Gi-Oh! As you read through the story, you’ll notice that one card appears more often than another in the OTK and FTK lists.

The gun soldier is a monster 4. Lat with 1400 ATK/1300 DEF.

This allows you to calm a monster and deal 500 fire damage to your opponent.

That doesn’t sound right. But it’s used in decks that can endlessly remove monsters from the graveyard and bring them back to the field, as in the Frog’s FTK strategy.

You may be surprised to learn that the Cannon Soldier is banned in the JOC, but (to date) is not restricted in the JTC.

1. Ground wire

If Cannon Soldier has a weakness, it’s a poorly defenseless monster card that poses a normal challenge on your turn.

Mass Driver, on the other hand, is a continuous enchantment card that has no casting cost. It has a similar effect to the Cannon Soldier: You can send a monster to your side of the field in a Tribute to deal 400 damage to your opponent.

This card can be used to make your opponent OTC when played in a deck that can bring cards from the graveyard onto the field. You can repeat this process until your opponent runs out of health or throws his deck at you!

Mass Driver deserves a place on the list of banned games, as well as the top spot on that list.For many Yu-Gi-Oh! players, their first introduction to the game was through the OCG set released in 2004. The game was different then—all the monsters were Constructed, and all the cards were Normal (although you could play off-card and on-card cards). Every few years, a new set would be released, and the next major meta-game shift would occur. It was easy to just buy a new deck and try to win with it, since you’d get all of the new cards at the same time.. Read more about best yugioh cards 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The strongest card in Yu-Gi-Oh is the Dark Magician.

What are the top 10 Yugioh cards?

The top 10 Yugioh cards are: 10. Black Luster Soldier 9. Dark Magician 8. Dark Magician Girl 7. Dark Magician of Chaos 6. Dark Magician Girl 5. Dark Magician 4. Dark Magician of Chaos 3. Black Luster Soldier 2. Dark Magician 1. Dark Magician Girl

What is the best archetype in Yugioh?

The best archetype in Yugioh is the “X-Saber” archetype, which is a deck that focuses on having X-Sabers on the field at the same time.

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