What games like Clash of Clans can I play on PC? [2021 Guide]

What games like Clash of Clans can I play on PC? [2021 Guide]

If you are looking for an entertaining way to unwind and forget about life’s problems, then there is no better game than Clash of Clans. The mobile game has been sweeping the nation in recent years, becoming the top grossing app on iOS, Android, and Android TV. With new updates coming every year, there are plenty of reasons why Clash of Clans is the best game in the market.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games in the App Store with over 57,000,000 downloads, but if you’ve been on the sidelines for too long, it’s time to jump back in. In the past, Clash of Clans users were limited to playing on iOS devices, a portable gaming experience that’s anything but ideal. Now, Android gamers can enjoy the same addictive gameplay of Clash of Clans on their Android devices, whether they’re sporting a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xperia XZ Premium.

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Updated: July 6, 2021

Published: February 2019

  • Clash of Clans is an excellent strategy and resource management game. So we bring you the best similar games to enjoy on your PC.
  • Playing Android games on PC is easy if you choose the recommended emulator.
  • The best, if not the best, representation of this kind of development can be found in Forge of Empires.
  • You should also try Lords Mobile, as it is a multiplayer strategy game that will not bore you.

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Clash of Clans is a very interesting and exciting fantasy strategy game for Android and iOS. As a player you take the role of the village chief. You must lead and coordinate the villagers and help them build their town.

Now comes the hard part: Your village must attack other players to gain access to more resources, including gold, elixir and black elixir.

Cooperative play functions are also supported: Players can form clans, support each other with troops and resources if needed, and much more.

As we mentioned earlier, Clash of Clans is only available on Android and iOS, so you’ll need an emulator.

If you are a PC gamer and want to play this game on your computer or maybe other games similar to Clash of Clans, then this article is for you.

Read this post to find out which games similar to Clash of Clans can be downloaded and played on Windows PC with BlueStacks. This post consists of two parts:

  • In the first part we list 5 great games you can play on PC.
  • In the second part, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to download BlueStacks and play Android games on PC.

Have fun!

What are the best games like Clash of Clans for PC?

  1. The forge of empires
  2. Lords Mobile
  3. Vikings: Clan Wars
  4. Elfenar
  5. Boom Beach.
  6. A fierce war
  7. How to play games like Clash of Clans on PC

As the name suggests, in this game you have to build your own empire and lead it to greatness. You begin in the Stone Age and gradually progress through the major eras to reach the highest era: The future of the ocean.

As a player, you must carefully manage your production to collect as many parts and tools as possible to expand your building space.

Of course, if you want to expand your empire faster, you can use real money to buy diamonds and technological advances.

This option is very practical when you have little time. Remember, you must unlock the eras within a limited time or your progress will not be counted.

To move through the different eras, technological research is crucial, as expected, so pay constant attention to this as well.

Want to play Forge of Empires? You can download it for free and play it with BlueStacks.

⇒ Get Forge of Empires

Lords Mobile is a highly addictive and extremely popular multiplayer game for Android and iOS. So if you like fast action and brutal battles, this is the perfect game for you.

The game successfully combines world-building mechanics, an open-space RPG and an RTG. So all these types of games are collected under the same name.

PVP battles are also supported, in case you want to show your friends who is the best player. Build your base and create a mighty army, then attack and destroy enemy bases.

If you want to succeed, show no mercy and destroy everything in your path. Don’t forget to collect resources and use them to build your empire.

Speaking of resources: From time to time you will have to fight monsters and other bosses. Kill them as fast as you can, then collect all the resources you can.

If you like to compete with other players, Lords Mobile also offers you the possibility to participate in various competitions. Conquer the first place on the map and the prize and resources are yours.

Are you interested in playing Lords Mobile? Then download the game for free with BlueStacks.

⇒ Take a cell phone

If you are interested in the mythology of the Vikings and are looking for a fascinating game with a Viking theme, then Vikings: War of Clans is the game for you. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Vikings: War of Clans is a very challenging MMO that forces players to work together to build stronger clans, just like the Vikings did.

As in the Viking world, hierarchy plays a very important role in the game mechanics, and clans have their own hierarchy.

Depending on their hierarchical role, players have different levels of authority, and all must work towards collective goals and advance other clan members.

Each group or clan has its own rules and leadership structure. Communication is therefore essential to coordinate your actions.

Like any game that builds a world, Vikings: War of Clans challenges players to collect as many resources as possible by upgrading buildings.

You can also unlock new resource slots, attack other players and loot. You will need valuable resources to improve your empire.

At the center of every empire is a place of power. Reaching and conquering this place of power is the main objective of the game.

⇒ Get the Vikings: Clan Wars

Since we’ve already talked about Vikings, let’s continue on the same path and focus on a game about elves this time.

As the name suggests, Elvenar is an urban game in which elves move freely in the enchanted kingdom of nature.

Whether you play as an elf or a human, your main goals remain the same: Upgrade your village, increase productivity and turn it into a kingdom.

As you may have guessed, each character has their own special abilities. If you play as an elf, you have access to powerful magic that you can use to build.

If you play as a human, you have a big advantage in using medieval weapons.

The game mechanics of Elvenar are similar to those of a city building game: You must explore the map to discover and collect rare resources and increase production.

You also have to do technological research to improve your small village and unlock many special resources.

Remember that the ability to permanently defend your territory is as important as improving your infrastructure and advancing your technological research.

Build a strong army of awesome creatures and be ready to defend your territory if attacked. You want to play Elvenar? You can download it with BlueStacks.

⇒ Get Elfenar

If you like games with a military theme, Boom Beach is the perfect game for you.

This game was developed by Supercell, the same company that created Clash of Clans, so this element alone is a guarantee that you will fall in love with the game.

Boom Beach is set on a tropical archipelago and your main objective is to protect your island from attacks.

The game focuses on military strategy, with players having to build their own base from scratch, upgrading buildings and troops.

The game supports both single player missions and multiplayer campaigns. To increase your upgrade options, you need to collect various resources (gold, stone, iron, diamond).

You can use these objects for very specific purposes. For example, you can use gold to train and upgrade your soldiers.

Don’t forget to build special statues with starch powder, starch bricks and other similar items to speed up troop health, health recovery and more.

⇒ Get Boom Beach

Rage War is an interesting medieval strategy game in which you have to expand your empire.

You start small, with a tiny town, and have the opportunity to build a large city, gather a powerful army and fight against your enemies and conquer new territories.

You fight barbarians, giant armies and skilled solo players who, like you, have the ultimate goal of the game in mind.

The main requirement and driving force of the game is of course the resources needed to upgrade the buildings in the city.

You also use them to develop an impressive science tree that gives you better buildings and stronger troops.

One of the objectives of the game is to find and recover the time machine. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? You can play the game directly in your browser or download it to your computer.

⇒ War of Wrath

  1. Go to and download BlueStacks. Click on the Download BlueStacks button.
  2. You will then see that the BlueStacks installer .exe file has been loaded. When it is ready, click on it and run it.

  1. If the Do you want to run this file? window appears, just ignore it. BlueStacks is completely safe and will not harm your PC. Then click on Run.

  1. Follow the same procedure for the next step if you receive the message Do you want to allow this application to run on your device? Press Yes.
  2. Now you’re almost there. Browse and click the Install button to begin installing BlueStacks on your computer.
  3. Wait until the installation process is complete. As recommended by BlueStacks, you can temporarily disable your antivirus program. Don’t worry, there’s no virus. When you are finished, click Finish.

  1. Now you have to wait a few minutes in the starting phase of the engine. This is necessary so that the Android emulator can evaluate the performance of your PC and work accordingly.

  1. Then you need to sign in with your Google Account. This may sound boring, but it’s actually a sign that BlueStacks has a professional relationship with Google that allows you to download any Android game or app to your PC. If you are already signed in with a Google account, use that.

  1. The last step is to make sure everything is working properly on your computer. Continue with the installation of the games of your choice.

As you can see, the game comes from the Google Play Store itself and is also free. Install it and see if it works on BlueStacks. After that, you can proceed to download an Android game.

We hope you enjoyed this list. So, download BlueStacks on your computer to install all these games like CoC for PC.

However, if Bluestacks is not to your taste, we also have a great list of the best Android emulators for your PC and you will surely find the right one.

Do you know of any other PC games that are similar to Clash of Clans? Feel free to recommend them in the comments section below.

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Is there a game like Clash of Clans for PC?

There is no game like Clash of Clans for PC.

What is the closest game to clash of clans?

Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game, which is very similar to games such as Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires.

Are there any games like Clash of Clans?

There are many games like Clash of Clans, but the most similar game is Clash Royale.

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