What is the Difference Between 2400 RAM and 3200 RAM? 5 Things You Need to Know in 2022

What is the Difference Between 2400 RAM and 3200 RAM? 5 Things You Need to Know in 2022

For PC geeks, speedy computers can be a real dream. You want the best speed possible, especially if your main purpose is to play games.

Your computer’s RAM determines the speed at which it can run Windows or multiple programs.

There are many debates about speed between 2400MHz RAMs and 3200MHz RAMs. When choosing the fastest RAM for their computer, users often confuse these two options.

If you’re also curious about which RAM will prevail over 2400 RAM, we can help.

This article will discuss the differences and correct installation techniques for these RAM modules. We also provide some troubleshooting tips. Keep reading!

Understanding DDR4 2400 RAM and DDR43200 RAM

RAM is shorthand for random access memory. RAM, the most important memory on a PC, can also be described as the computer’s short-term memory. Because of its volatile nature, RAM cannot be used to store programs forever.

It is important that you have an understanding of DDR before making the decision about DDR4 2400 or DDR4 3200 RAM for your computer. DDR, which stands for “double data rate,” is the operating system used by RAM within your computer.

Two transfers are possible for every clock cycle. DDR has been able to see versions such as DDR2, DDR2, DDR3, and so forth.

Both DDR4 3200 and 2400 are highly -rated by PC enthusiast. There are many differences, but there are some commonalities.

In terms of RAM generation, these are identical models. DDR4 represents an upgrade to the DDR3 model. DDR4 offers a stunning model with increased speed and capacity.

2400 and 3200 are numbers that indicate the frequency of information being transmitted in and out at a given speed.

The capacity of each model is sufficient. Each model has a 64-GB maximum memory which can be divided into smaller units such as 16 or 32GB.

DDR4 3200 vs 2400: Key differences


PC Storage

First, let’s talk about storage. DDR2 2400 can store 16GB, while DDR4 3200 only has 8GB.

This is clearly a significant difference in storage capacity. While storage capacity is crucial, it’s not the only factor that affects RAM performance. Your computer may be slower if you have RAM that has more storage, but lower speeds.

You need to choose wisely if you want to get the best performance out of your RAM. To make your computer faster, be sure to take note of any other features that your RAM has.


Clock Speeds

RAM efficiency is dependent on speed. RAM speed can accelerate program processing and improve the performance of most computer games. You might want to take a look at the RAM speed that your computer should have.

The RAM speed is measured in megahertz (MHz). This is the speed of a microprocessor’s clock.

DDR4 2400 signifies that RAM accelerates at 2400 MHz memory speed, while DDR4 3200 speeds up at 3200MHz memory speed.

Which RAM is faster?

It is easy to see that DDR4 3200 runs at a faster speed than DDR4 2400 when compared by their respective MHz speeds.

The pace is a crucial factor when making the decision to buy DDR RAM. The MHz tells DDR4 that it is different than its rival.

If you’re a gamer or a person looking for time savings, then you should consider high-speed RAM. Normal PC tasks like emailing or browsing the web are fine with normal RAM speed.



Latency is another important aspect of RAM’s overall performance. This should not be confused with RAM speed. The RAM speed is not the same as latency.

The speed of the computer’s ability to process data is determined by its processing speed. However, latency determines when the processor starts processing the data. Nanoseconds are used to measure the latency of RAM.

DDR2 2400 RAM is also supported by DDR2 3200 RAM in this instance. Both have better latency. DDR4 3200 RAM is a wise choice as it offers good latency and can greatly improve your computer’s performance.

DDR4 3200 RAM is preferred by many gaming companies for its speed and latency. For smaller tasks, however, DDR4 2400 RAM is more efficient.


Many people believe that overclocking only applies to the GPU or CPU of a computer. However, this is not the truth. To increase speed, you can overclock the RAM by changing certain parameters such as voltage or timing.

Manufacturers adjust DDR4 2400’s clock speed, but 3200 doesn’t get overclocked as 2400. If you still want to increase your RAM speed, however, it is possible to check the clock speed of your RAM from your XMP/DOCP profile.


DDR4 2400 is more expensive than DDR4 3200. Performance gains and the cost of RAM are directly related to their respective prices. To get the highest RAM performance and maximum capacity, you will need to spend more.

High performance is dependent on latency and speed. Make sure you choose a module with the features that you require, but within your budget. DDR4 2400 costs less than DDR4 3200.

The DDR4 2400 RAM is an excellent option for those looking for affordable RAM due to the higher performance it offers compared with its lower price.

These differences are clear indicators of the winner. They will help you decide “How do I choose between 2400 RAM and 3200 RAM?”

The DDR4 3200 wins ( Corsair Vance and Balistic are good choices if you’re looking for suggestions) in terms speed, latency, price, and storage, although it lags behind the DDR4 2400 in this regard.

Wait! Do not be overwhelmed by the many differences. Both RAMs are equally effective and you can reap the benefits of both. It is a good idea to upgrade your RAM speed.

A Perfect Installation Guide for DDR4 2400 & 3200

1. Unplugging Cables

Connect HDMI Cable to Port

Disconnect the computer. You will need to disconnect the power supply and socket. It is important to disconnect any cables that are connected to sockets. This may prevent the computer from turning on.

When you remove them, be careful. It is better to read the manual first before turning off the power source. This will ensure that your computer does not suffer any damage.

2. Get access to internal computer components

Gain Access to the Internal Computer Components

You can access the internal parts of your computer’s motherboard by taking off the left panel. You can now access the RAM slots by removing the left panel. To avoid any damage, do it slowly.

3. Install the RAM Sticks

Physical Inspection of the RAM

Install the RAM sticks you have purchased slowly into your memory stick slots. The RAM sticks will be installed correctly by making a click sound.

4. Start the computer again

After you’ve successfully installed your RAM sticks, connect the power supply. You will now need to reboot your computer. After the computer has turned on, you will need to check the memory.

Troubleshooting tips for DDR4 2400 & 3200

There are many problems that could arise, including misconfigurations, installation issues, and hardware damage. To solve your problem, you can follow the steps below. These are some tips to troubleshoot memory modules such as 2400 or 3200, including versions 3000 and 3600.

Please read the manual

First, you should have a good understanding of the RAM your computer requires. Next, fit that DDR4 memory to your system.

The Perfect Configuration

Incessant problems can result if your DDR4 configuration is not compatible with your computer. It is wise to verify the configuration of your DDR4 memory and then purchase it.

Appropriate Installation

DDR4 3200 Vs 3600 MHz

You will have problems if you do not properly install your memory. It is important to read the instructions and follow them when installing your memory. First, gently press down on the memory unit with a firm, but slow, hand to ensure it is properly seated.

Continue pressing the button until you hear a click sound. This will confirm that your module has been installed correctly.

Modify Memory Modules

You can replace the memory modules that are no longer working or causing problems with your computer by replacing them with newer models. If you have recurring problems, it is possible to use separate RAM slots in order to solve the issue.

Take care of the RAM Sticks & RAM Slots

To clean RAM slots and RAM sticks, use a clean pulpy fabric. To avoid any further damage, the fabric should be cleaned. A vacuum can be used for this purpose. However, it is best to follow the instructions.

Last Step

Follow the instructions to update your PC BIOS. Make sure to update your BIOS every time you install new programs.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are DDR4 2400 RAM and DDR4 3200 RAM significantly affecting gaming performance?

Gaming doesn’t differ by the speed of these RAM modules. While speed differences can be noticeable in price, they will have no effect on your gaming experience.

What is the reason my computer doesn’t recognize the DDR4 after I installed it?

These steps will help you solve your problem.

Configure the right memory: Check your configuration to ensure that your memory is compatible with your computer’s configuration.

Make sure you fit it properly: Verify that your memory is installed correctly

Memory Function: Find out if your memory functions properly.

DDR4 is much faster than DDR3.

DDR4 represents the fourth generation of RAM. This is an improved version of DDR3. This version of DDR3 has a larger memory capacity and a faster latency time. It’s also the most widely used memory option and is highly compatible with all motherboards and CPUs.

Do I have to mix DDR4 2400 RAM and DDR4 3200 RAM

DDR4 2400 RAM and DDR4 3200RAM are the most recent 4th-generation RAMs, but they can’t be combined to make them work. This will cause instability issues as each RAM works with its own clock speed and timing. You cannot combine higher and lower clock speeds.

There is still a major difference between DDR4 2400 (and DDR4 3200) in which motherboards they are compatible.

It will fail if your motherboard does not support DDR4 2400, but you’re using DDR43200. This is like driving in Tokyo with a Fiat.


DDR4 3200 and 2400 have stark differences in speed, storage capacity, latency and price. The final decision is yours. You can make your decision by noting the relevant aspects to your system.

Both RAMs are extremely fast, however, the DDR4 3200 is the better choice. The 3200 is a better choice for gamers who are passionate about gaming. It has a higher latency and speed.

This guide should satisfy your curiosity about understanding “2400 RAM vs. 3200 RAM”.

Which is better: More RAM or more RAM?

While faster RAM may be better than slower, you don’t necessarily need it. However, RAM speed is not as important to most people as CPU, GPU and storage performance. Therefore, more RAM is better than slower RAM. June 8, 2020

Is faster RAM better?

Although faster RAM may show smaller FPS increases, it isn’t that significant. We start to see the bigger picture at 1080p. F1 2020 also shows how faster RAM can have a significant impact on performance. Oct 5, 2020

What about 3000mhz RAM? Can it be put in a 2400MHz motherboard

It will function perfectly. May 22, 2017,

What is the best RAM to choose for my computer?

RAM may improve frame rate and frame pace when you play games. When choosing RAM, make sure to consider both speed and capacity. Be aware of the differences between DIMM and So-DIMM form factors. To play the latest games and multitask, you need at least 16GB RAM.

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