What’s the Use of Half My RAM? We have the answer

What’s the Use of Half My RAM? We have the answer

It can be frustrating to find out that half the RAM of your high-end PC is being used compared with its maximum. Obviously, yes.

Perhaps you are wondering what the reasons for this may be and what solutions there might be. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We will discuss the root causes and provide stable solutions for the question, “Why can only half my RAM be used?”

Most often, only half the RAM memory is being used is due to software, hardware, or BIOS. Continue reading for more details.

Understanding RAM

Understanding RAM

RAM is shorthand for “random access memory”, which is the temporary storage that can be used universally on all types of computers, phones, and laptops. RAM modules are like printed circuit boards that have valuable memory chips attached to them. These modules access and store data while you are using your device for a short time.

RAM’s main purpose is to allow the CPU (central processing unit) to access data quickly and without delay. Your computer will become slow if there is any delay.

RAM, a multitasking component, works tirelessly to allow you to operate multiple applications, play different games and vice versa.

It is the computer’s responsibility to maintain the RAM.

We now have a better understanding of the function and nature RAM. Let’s examine the issues and the solutions for the question “Why can only half of my RAM be used?”

The RAM only half is usable. Causes and solutions

This section will discuss the issues that can cause your System to use only half its RAM. These problems are related to 32-bit Windows, RAM limitations, defective RAM, BIOS issues and the Registry Editor.

These issues can also be solved by us. This article will help you improve the RAM utilization of your System.

Windows Installation

Solutions for Windows Operating Systems

First, make sure you have the right version of Windows installed on your computer. You have two choices: a 64-bit or 32-bit version.

It’s great if you know what version of the operating system your computer is running. You can also right-click on the application software to see the specifications. You can also right-click on the “My Computer” logo to check if it’s a 32-bit Windows or 64-bit version.

Your PC can only use 4GB of RAM if it is running on 32-bit Windows. The System cannot use more than 4GB RAM. This can be fixed by updating your operating system to 64-bit Windows.

Memory limitation

Unnecessarily draining the memory could also be a reason why your System is using less than half of its RAM. You can fix this issue by examining the configuration of your system and changing the settings.

Locate System Configuration Settings. Type “MSConfig” in the search box’s command line. Open it.

Open the Boot Tab. The next step is to locate the Boot menu, and then click the Advanced Settings Option.

Maximum memory: A checkbox should be added to the option “Maximum memory“. It is fine if the checkbox is not ticked. If it’s ticked, click OK.

Start your computer. This will resolve the problem and allow the system to use all of its memory.

The RAM is subject to a physical inspection

Physical Inspection of the RAM

Sometimes, the OS will use less RAM than it has available because of faulty RAM. It is advisable to conduct a physicalinspection on the memory modules. They are usually connected through slots on the motherboard. It is important to check if the RAM has been installed in an inappropriate manner.

Let’s get started. Be aware that only you can physically inspect the hardware of your computer. You can seek the assistance of an expert user if you are not.

Unplugging wires will cut off power. The computer should now be exposed. Take a closer look at the motherboard, and all the RAM sticks that are installed there. They will be placed next to a large heat sink that has a fan. There will be a couple of RAM slots, usually two to four, where you can install the memory modules.

Once you have made sure that all RAM sticks are properly installed, then put it back together. Check the memory consumption by opening the task manager. This can be done by going to the Performance tab, and looking at the Memory and Usage.

It should match the RAM. You can try again if there’s a mismatch and remove one RAM module to determine which is defective.

Registry Editor

The Registry editor is a Windows OS graphical tool. It allows certain users access to the registry and makes changes, if necessary.

You should always check Registry Editor before you make any changes.

Follow these steps after opening Registry Editor to restore default settings

Memory Management In Registry Editor

  • Step 1: Look for the HKEY_LOCAL_ MACINE folder
  • Step 2: Next, go to the System configuration settings
  • 3rd Step: Locate the Current Controller Set. Below that you’ll find ” Control.”
  • Fourth step: Move on to the Session manager
  • Fifth step: You will now see the memory management folder
  • Sixth step: Locate the Clear page at Shutdown

The final step is to open it and look at the basename, data, value. From 0, you will need to change the data value to 1. You can leave it as is.

BIOS Settings

Computer Bios

An outdated BIOS version prevents OS from using RAM to its maximum extent. These steps will help you determine whether this is true and how to fix it.

If your computer has a videocard installed, check it first. It will cause problems in the RAM’s memory consumption if it is on. It must be turned off.

To turn it off

Start your computer.

You can check the BIOS setting by using one of the function keys. Your System configuration will determine which key you should press. Google will show you the exact model and key that your computer needs.

Locate the Graphics Unit. After you have entered the settings, the search will begin for your video card. Once you’ve found the card, disable it or turn it on.

Use Verify that your System is able to use all of the RAM. It is possible that the RAM issue has been solved.

Windows Update and Drivers

Your computer’s performance depends on how much RAM you use. Your computer’s performance will be affected by RAM memory usage.

Windows operating systems, such as Windows, can cause RAM problems due to their vulnerability to bugs. Microsoft has not yet managed to eliminate the bugs. To fix the issue, you can update Windows. You should also update your drivers.

If the problem persists after the update, you can try to set the driver for the internal graphics.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use full RAM in my BIOS?

Click on the Windows search bar, and then type in “MSConfig”. Press the Windows key + R simultaneously. Use the mouse to click OK or press Enter. You will now be taken to the System Configuration window.

Navigate to the Boot option and click on the Advanced Options. The maximum amount of memory you want to use is in Megabytes (MB). Make the necessary changes, then restart your computer.

High-Capacity RAM is important for your computer’s performance. A large amount of RAM will result in faster processing. It allows your CPU to process data quicker, run multiple applications, and improves overall computer speed. Insufficient RAM can lead to slower processing, which could even cause a crash.

For most laptops, 8-12GB RAM is acceptable .My CPU Supports 3600 MHz RAM. Why Isn't It Running at the Rated Speed

How can I free up RAM for my use?

First, restart your computer to free up RAM space. You will then need to upgrade your software. You should try a new browser and not the one that you use most often. Clear your cache. Clear your browser’s cache. You can use Track Memory to clean up.

You should also disable any startup programs no longer needed and uninstall all background apps.

How do you check the RAM (memory) level in your BIOS?

Check the BIOS to verify that your memory is working properly

Turn on your computer first. To enter BIOS settings, press F10 again. To access more advanced options, such as diagnostics, use the left- and right-arrow keys.

To initiate a memory check for your computer, use the up- and down-arrow keys. The test will start when you hit the enter key. You will see how much RAM your BIOS has.

Do Restoro Repairs Worth It?

Restoro Repair has been a favorite tool of Windows OS users. This tool replaces damaged and corrupt files, and speeds up your computer’s processing speed. It is free to download and you can subscribe to the paid version to get all of the premium features.


As you can see, there are many reasons your System may be using less than half its RAM. Problems usually arise when RAM modules on the computer aren’t properly connected or Windows OS 32-bit. The BIOS may also be the cause.

You will experience a quicker processing speed if you have sufficient RAM and your computer can use the entire RAM.

To solve problems like “Why can only half my RAM be used?”, you might try these instructions.

What is the best way to fix RAM that’s usable?

You should check whether your memory modules are defective. This will allow you to determine if the problem is present. Turn off your computer and unplug it. Then, swap the order in which the memory was placed. Check that your memory order is correct. Make sure that memory standoff cards have not been used.

Windows 10: How can I ensure my RAM is used?

In the Windows Search box, type Windows Memory Diagnostic. When the popup appears, select Windows Memory Diagnostic. Choose from Restart Now and Check For Problems or Check for Problems the Next Time I Start My Computer.

Is it possible to use only a small amount of RAM?

It could be that some BIOS settings have been incorrect. To check if memory remapping is disabled, go to the BIOS settings. Windows has access to additional memory through memory remapping. By booting into the system setup, you can activate the memory remapping function in the BIOS.

What can I do to ensure that I am using all of my RAM?

– Now click Start. Type msconfig into the Search program and file box. Click msconfig to open the Programs menu. Click Advanced Options on the Boot tab in the System Configuration window. Clear the Maximum memory box and click OK to restart the computer.

Why isn’t all of my RAM usable?

It could be that the BIOS of your computer is out-of-date. The system might not be able to access the RAM installed on an older computer. You will need to upgrade the BIOS of your system to fix this problem.

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