[Winners Announced] Mega GiveAway: 20 FireStick / Fire TV Cube

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[Winners Announced] Mega GiveAway: 20 FireStick / Fire TV Cube

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Windows 11 is getting a new design, and while new features are being added, some old features will no longer be pre-installed, such as Paint 3D.
However, if you z. B. upgrade to Windows 10, the features are also available in this version.
These changes apply only to new devices that ship with Windows 11 preinstalled or with a clean installation of the operating system.
As with other applications and features available on the Microsoft Store, all you need to do is download and activate Paint 3D.

When the rumor of a new version of Windows surfaced, all Microsoft users wondered what the new operating system would look like and what it would bring.

After speculations and leaks on the internet, Windows 11 has now been officially announced for the 24th. June 2021 announced, with an expected release in late 2021.

The new operating system gets a new design and revised features. In addition to some additions, it also includes reductions and deletions of features.

One feature that will not be present in Windows 11 is Paint 3D. Paint still offers the classic version of Paint, which is great for drawing, doodling and doodling, but Paint 3D, which offers additional features and is great for 3D creators, has been dropped.

However, you don’t have to worry about that, because we will show you how to easily enable this feature with the new version of Windows.

The situation is no different for other excluded apps and features (like Skype), which means you can just download and re-enable them in Windows 11.
How do I turn on Paint 3D in Windows 11?
Go to the Microsoft website to find Paint 3D.
Click the Get button and continue with the installation.
Go to the Microsoft Store and search for this application.
You should now see that Paint 3D is installed, and you can click on the Start button.
Of course, once you’ve installed the app on your Windows 11 device, you can always launch it by searching for it in the Start menu’s search bar.

Although Paint is available in Windows 11, we understand why you would want to continue using it.

Compared to the classic Paint, Paint 3D is more professional, has more features and, as the name suggests, allows you to create and modify objects in three dimensions.

Fortunately, you can enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 – and any other deleted apps if they’re still in the Microsoft Store. Just follow the steps above and you’ll have everything ready in no time.

As you can see, the whole process was easy and you can use the same method for other applications that are available in the Microsoft Store but will not be in Windows 11.

You may be wondering why Microsoft decided to remove some features that were available in Windows 10.

But as with other new software, this approach is quite common, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

Some features will not be installed in Windows 11, others will be deprecated because they are no longer considered effective and will be replaced by new and improved features.

Since the unveiling of the new Windows, there has been no shortage of questions and speculation about its name, design and features. After the online leak and the official announcement, Windows 11 has been the talk of the day.

We don’t know how excited you are about the new operating system, but you can turn to our comprehensive survey to find out how other consumers received the idea.

If you want to know how the new version differs from Windows 10 in terms of design, interface, features, and system requirements, or if you want to upgrade, you can check out this comparison of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Finally, we encourage you to follow us. Until the new operating system is released and you can experience it for yourself, you can get your daily dose of Windows 11 by clicking here.

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