Without a KVM, learn how to connect two computers to one monitor.

Without a KVM, learn how to connect two computers to one monitor.

No longer are computers large and heavy. It is possible to connect monitors and computers without the need for cables or additional switches. Modern problems demand modern solutions.

There are many ways to connect two monitors to your computer. You may want to test them all. Many of these are difficult and time-consuming to use, as well as not being effective.

This article will help you make it easier to connect two monitors to one computer without a KVM. Let’s jump in now.

Everything You Should Know about Your KVM Switch

KVM is shorthand for “keyboard and video mouse”, which refers to a device with multiple ports that can connect other computers. KVM switches, which are outdated and archaic accessories for computers, were once used by tech enthusiasts in order to link multiple computers to one mouse and keyboard. While most people prefer to use a single keyboard and mouse for their PCs, some professionals still use KVM switch. These switches are common, for instance, in data centres.

Simple Methods for Connecting Multiple Computers to One Monitor

Two basic and effective methods can be used to connect more than one computer to a Monitor. The first is via monitor ports. The second is using third-party software. You can connect multiple computers to one Monitor by following the steps below.

1. Use Monitor Ports to Connect

Multiple input ports are a feature of modern monitors. VGA, Display Port and DVI are the most popular ports. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the various ports before you begin using them.

HDMI is the most popular port for monitors. It stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is used to display files on your computer’s larger screen.

Video Graphics Array connector (VGA), is the predecessor to HDMI. First made in 1987, it was the best connection for showing videos on computers and compatible TV screens. You can identify it by the 15 prongs on the male plug end and the identical number of holes at the female port. VGA connections are no longer in fashion and can be found mostly on older systems, as previously mentioned.

Monitor HDMI Port

Comparing to other connectors on the list, this Digital Video Interface connector is quite bulky. The connector is quite large with its two prongs. You can use it to carry digital or analog signals, and you get a much better image than VGA.

Display Port, a rare type of connector found only on extremely specialized systems, is mainly used. This connector is useful if large data transfers are required between two systems, including audio and video. Display Port’s data processing is what this means.

While most monitors have one HDMI port on them, some might have multiple. The 144Hz monitors on the market have at least two HDMI ports. This makes it easy for multiple devices to be connected. Some older systems may not support HDMI. It is a good idea to check the monitor ports as well as the ports on the computer to which you wish to connect your Monitor(s).

If you are looking for HDMI ports to link two computers together, it is best to locate them on the backsides of the PCs. HDMI ports are most popular and can be used for high resolution images. This setup has the greatest advantage: you can easily switch between PCs by simply going to your computer’s menu.

A common problem is the fact that older computers don’t usually have two HDMI ports. The connection is halted and you can’t get the highest resolution. This problem can be solved by purchasing an adapter at a reasonable price.

You must select the other computer when switching between them. To select the right computer for you, use the internal menu displayed on your monitor.

A single KVM is the one that occupies the largest version of the users’ pie chart. These steps will allow you to connect all your computers to one Monitor.

Connect HDMI Cable to Port

  1. Attach VGA Port to Display Port: Use a cable to attach the display port (or any other ports) with the VGAport. An adapter may be required if you own an older computer.
  2. Attach DVI/HDMIPorts: Connect DVI or HDMI ports on a second cable.
  3. Selecting the Input Menu: Click on the input menu of the monitor. This can be done by pressing F1.
  4. It’s done! You can now choose the monitor that you wish to use.

2. KVM Third-Party Software

Multiple ports, such as VGA, HDMI and DVI can all be used to connect two monitors without the need for a KVM switch. However, frequent switching between them can prove annoying. It is possible to need to change monitors several times per day, by selecting the menu once again. This may not be worth your effort. Third-party software KVM switchers might be an option if you find yourself in such a situation.

There are many third-party programs that allow you to connect two computers directly to the same Monitor. There are some free programs, while others cost money. You can Google the software you are interested in or use our guide. This will save you time and help you find the most useful software.



The software is safe, reliable, economical, and highly efficient. Share Mouse is powerful enough to control many computers.

The key benefit is the ability to use either the free version available or easily install it on your own monitor set up. You can also choose to purchase a professional and standard version. You can use this highly reliable software on Mac and Windows simultaneously.

ShareMouse is unique in its ability to control multiple computers at once. You can just sit back, and manage all your PCs with speed and efficiency.



This highly-reliable KVM software allows you to combine multiple computers into one. You can simplify, control and dominate multiple computers systems using one keyboard and mouse with Synergy. You can connect up to two computers with one monitor and only need a KVM switch.

You can use Synergy only for 30 days. You will then need to select one of their plans.

This makes Synergy a top-rated third-party KVM Software company.

Speed: It saves you time by not switching between monitors, and allows you to work tirelessly.

Reliability. The number of Synergy customers is over 20 million. Synergy is used by many Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Easy setup: The PCs are merged by its simple installation. It takes up very little space and declutters your desk.

Input Manager

It is an excellent virtual KVM program that monitors Windows operating system. The Input Director software is compatible with Windows operating systems and works great under Windows 7/8/10.

Input director is very secure and uses encrypted data to connect two computers to one monitor. Its premium features include clipboard sharing and drop file, sync lock, shutdown, and the ability to connect multiple computer to one.

Download only licensed software to feel at ease and enjoy the complimentary software.

Microsoft Garage Mouse with No Borders

KVM Switch Software is another well-known software that can be used to switch between Windows PCs. Microsoft products don’t need to be described. These products are the very best.

With the Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders, you can simultaneously control several computers using one Monitor. You can interact with them like a captain who controls a fleet of large ships across the Atlantic.

You can control the switch by clicking on your mouse cursor. This encrypted, highly secure software was developed privately by Microsoft without the use of KVM switches. This software is entirely free.

Remote Desktop Protocol

Another way to link multiple computers to one Monitor is to use RDP. Remote Desktop Protocol is shorthand for Remote Desktop Protocol. It allows you to remotely control your computer from anywhere in the world. This is a simple software program that you can download from Chrome. It also serves as a KVM switch.

You can also find other software that can be installed using Chrome remote. A strong internet connection is essential for best results.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to switch between two or more computers?

A KVM switch is the best choice. There is no standard keyboard procedure. KVM switches can be used to attach multiple monitors and a keyboard or mouse to another computer.

KVM switches are often equipped with USB ports. If your accessories (mouse and keyboard) need to be used with a KVM switch, keep in mind this. If your accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.) are intended to be used with another port type, you should consider buying a KVM to support it.

Is it possible to connect two computers to one monitor?

It can look messy to have multiple monitors within a limited space, particularly if there are other accessories. It is best to link two computers together with one monitor. This will make the setup simple and easy for you to control using only one keyboard and mouse. These are the three most effective ways to accomplish this:

To control several computers, you can use a KVM switch.

Two cables should be pushed from one computer to another.

– Distant desktop connection.

Which KVM Software is Best?

Synergy and Input Director are the most popular KVM software. This KVM software is distinguished by its easy-to-use monitor switching feature.

Switching is easy by moving the cursor of the mouse to the screen border. ShareMouse, Synergy and Input Director are all options if price is an issue. Synergy, ShareMouse, and Input Director are compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Input Director, however, is limited to Windows.

Which Monitor Ports Do I Need?

Monitors of today are varied in terms of design and performance. These are the most popular types of monitor ports:

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface): This port is very well-known for its high resolution.

VGA (Video Graphics Array),: These ports are rare, but they were predecessors to HDMI. These ports are still found on older monitors.

Display ports: Very common. These ports are well-known for their excellent video resolutions.

Depending on your needs and the resources you have, you can pick any one of these.

Is a 144hz monitor worth it

What’s the difference between dual monitor KVM switches and multi-monitor KVM switches?

These two switches can clearly be distinguished by their names. Dual monitor switches allow multiple computers to connect via a KVM switch that uses two monitors. Multi-monitor switches do the same for multiple monitors.

Last Remarks

The best way to connect two monitors to each other is to use the above methods, regardless of the connection type (LAN/WAN), and the operating system (Windows OS, Mac OS or Linux).

KVM switches can be used for big data centers if you want to. KVM software, however, is recommended for personal use. KVM software is lightweight, easy to use, affordable and doesn’t require you to wait until a package arrives in the mail.

This article will help you connect 2 computers to 1 Monitor.

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